10 Silver Traders Worth Following on Twitter

Silver has quickly made a name for itself as one of the most popular commodity investments in recent years. The asset has appeal both as a safe haven investment as well as its practical use in the industrial world. One of the best ways to keep updates on silver markets and trends is to utilize Twitter. It may be difficult for some to view Twitter as a viable source for trading info, but there are a number of professionals who aim their tweets at keeping their followers in-the-know. Below, we outline 10 must-follow silver Tweeple to give you the best information for your commodity trades [see also 25 Ways To Invest In Silver].

  1. @SilverNews: Silver Investing News provides independent unbiased journalism, silver stock news, and curates select editorial for the silver investor. They have over 3,000 followers and are a great source for those looking for analytical pieces on the metal.
  2. @BullionSilver: This handle, with just over 1,100 followers, is an extremely active proponent of both trading ideas as well as news and current affairs surrounding the hard asset.
  3. @silver_bullion: This account is geared towards the news side of the metal, as it aims to keep its 3,000+ followers up to date on all things silver.
  4. @silvermonthly: One of the more active accounts on the list, Silver Monthly is heavily focused on the news side of the industry.
  5. @APMEX: One of the leading sellers of silver bullion, APMEX’s Twitter account features constant updates on the precious metals industry and the behaviors of the white metal.
  6. @CoinMaven: Eagle Numismatics helps their customers purchase rare coins among a number of other assets. Their twitter account has more than 2,000 followers and features updates on the metal’s daily price fluctuations.
  7. @Mineweb:This account focuses on the mining of all metals, giving a good look into the supply side of the silver equation.
  8. @GoldMarket: LiveBullionPrices focuses on all four precious metals though the majority of its tweets concern gold and silver and the news surrounding the two.
  9. @spotgoldprice: Though focusing primarily on gold, this account will bring you valuable updates throughout the day on silver markets and the movement in subsequent prices.
  10. @CommodityHQ: Last but certainly not least, following our Twitter feed will provide you with great details on the silver world and developments on its price movements.

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