APMEX vs. KitCo vs. Goldline: Which Online Gold & Silver Dealer Is Right for You?

Gold investing and collecting has been popular for decades among both serious investors as well as your average person. But in today’s world it seems that the internet has thrown dozens of options for adding to your gold bullion collection, and it can be very difficult to trust a sidebar advertisement that states (in all caps of course) that they will sell you gold for the best prices in the world. Instead there are several revered and professional sites that will offer a safe way to purchase both gold and silver bullion online. Below, we compare and contrast APMEX, Kitco, and Goldline to help investors choose the appropriate resource for them [see also Three Reasons Why Gold Is Overvalued].


As far as first impressions go, APMEX may have the “prettiest” composure to their website. Immediately, investors will notice live prices for all four precious metals as will as an interactive chart that can track any of the said metals. It should come as no surprise then, that investors will be able to purchase bullion for any of the precious metals including products specifically designed for IRAs.

The site is very focused on selling the metals and has hundreds of options including a section dedicated to the most interesting gold coins. Just for reference, that section holds things like coins shaped like bears, four leaf clovers, and even a rare Titanic-edition coin. This site will allow for investors of all kinds to make appropriate allocations, as they offer everything from one ounce coins to kilo bars that run for about $53,000. APMEX also allows users to sell bullion to them and to create a gold-specific IRA account, which is a highly sought-after opportunity for gold bugs [see also Doomsday Special: 7 Hard Asset Investments You Can Hold in Your Hand].


Kitco tends to focus its efforts away from selling the metals, as the site is more of an all-encompassing resource for those exploring gold and silver investing. Users will be able to participate on active forums, read breaking news stories, and look at charts and other data concerning these two metals. This site also lists exchange rates for the most popular currencies in the world for those who wish to compare the performance of gold to global fiat money.

The purchasing side of the site is very user friendly and also allows users to sell their gold and silver. Though the site focuses on the two most popular precious metals, users will be able to purchase platinum, palladium, rhodium, and even participate in the Kitco Pool accounts. One of the best features of this resource is being able to quickly and easily choose between four currencies to quote the price in whichever money makes the most sense for you. Investors can choose from the U.S. and Canadian dollars, the euro, and the pound. Finally, Kitco is sure to advertise the fact that anyone can purchase precious metals worth up to $20,000 without any kind of collateral other than a credit card number [for more precious metal news subscribe to our free newsletter].


Goldline is something of a mix of the previous two as far as the overall focus. This site grants equal weight to both selling and dealing precious metals while also offering a fair amount of knowledge and market commentary. Like the previous two, Goldline offers live charts and prices for all four precious metals, but they go on to also offer live pricing data for the Dow, S&P, and the Nasdaq. According to their home page, “Goldline products are delivered direct to your door or stored in a secure, independent facility. Goldline offers a unique Price Guarantee Program which can help protect you from short-term price changes”.

Along with selling the standard precious metal bullion, Goldline also has a nice focus on rare currencies from various countries and points in history, allowing the most savvy collectors to find some of the most coveted coins of all time. As far as purchasing gold goes, users must call in and speak with a representative. While this ensures that you will be purchasing exactly what you want (given the professional help), it may ward some investors off who prefer to simply buy the bullion online [see also How to Play Schiff’s $5,000 Gold Prediction].

Which One Is for You?

Luckily, there is no wrong answer to this question. All three of these resources are excellent and safe locations to add to or start your physical bullion collection. That being said, certain investors may prefer one site over another. APMEX will likely be most attractive to those who are already somewhat experienced in collecting and want a no-nonsense means of purchasing bullion and going about their day. Kitco, on the other hand, is a perfect resource for beginners looking to learn more about the industry prior to making an investment. Goldline will fall somewhere between the previous two but also has the added draw of the rare currencies it offers, making it appealing to niche collectors around the world.

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Disclosure: No positions at time of writing.

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  • LC

    the one thing that I don’t like about apmex is their shipping is very high

    • cdgoldin

      APMEX currently charges $9.95 for shipping. Orders over $99 are shipped for free. Considering what USPS, UPS and Fedex charge, that is quite reasonable. In contrast, Kitco charges $30 plus $8 “insurance”, which is highway robbery. I wouldn’t deal with Goldline, because of their “price fluctuation guarantee”, which is a scam, since they have to charge higher prices to cover that “guarantee”.

  • Stacker

    Goldline is way over priced
    Kitco is having legal problems.
    Apmex is the better way to go. To be frank with you I have never bought from them.
    I tend to buy all the coins & bars that I need from Bullion trading llc in NY

  • TM

    What kind of legal problems is Kitco having?? I have a pool account with them, never heard of any legal problems!

    • Oz

      hi how is your pool account going? is there a fee per buy/sell and u make several transactions a day?
      i just sent 2750$ to my account and cant decide how to go about spending it…

      • TM

        hi Oz the fee is about $15 per transaction and there is also a heavy spread between the buy and sell prices. I just buy and hold as a safe way to park some assets in metals. the poster above mentioned legal problems of kitco and i searched for it. There seems to be a complicated tax issue with them that I did not really understand.

        • Steven Foster

          Their pool accounts have zero security if the company went out of business. This is what their own customer service department replied to an inquiry:

          Investment Department

          Pool Accounts
          One of our most popular options for investors are our pool accounts. The only major disadvantage with our Pool Accounts is they are not insured against bankruptcy. We do back all the pools up with physical holdings, so you can rest assured that no matter how much you purchase in pool there will be sufficient holdings to cover your account. However, if Kitco was to declare bankruptcy, we would first have to pay off our creditors, as we are a private company. Kitco has been in business for 29 years and our industry reputation speaks for itself, so the possibility of this happening is slim to none. The advantages of Pool Accounts outweighS the negatives. Pool Accounts, also often referred to as unallocated storage accounts; refer to a precious metal account deposit in which the client does not have title to specific (allocated) bars or coins. The client instead owns a defined unsegmented interest in a pool of precious metals held by Kitco in our various vaults around the world. However, the client is entitled to receive physical bullion in the form of any type bar or coin normally carried by Kitco upon payment of quoted fabrication charges.

          Whether you’re an experienced or first-time investor, Kitco’s Pool Account service makes purchasing precious metals easier than ever before. We’ll add dimension to your portfolio and enhance your investment strategies when you open a Pool Account. Kitco’s Pool Accounts are perfect for those who want to invest in precious metals, but still aren’t sure about what to buy (coins or bars) or in what quantity. Simply open a Pool Account and decide the rest at a later date. When the price is right and you’re ready, you then simply arrange for shipment or sell them back to us at market price.

          Pool Accounts give you instant access to the precious metals markets without the need to go through brokers or traders. You can buy and sell quickly online using real-time quotes with only a small spread, and pay no commissions. When purchasing pool there is no minimum dollar or ounce amount required. To calculate the number of ounces you wish to purchase simply divide the dollar amount you want to spend by the Kitco selling price. You must then enter this number of ounces in the quantity field when you enter your Kitco order.

          In order to open an account with Kitco, you will have to place an order. You can create and open a pool account by purchasing on our Complete Bullion Product List’s Pool Accounts option.

          More information on the pool accounts can be found on the ‘About Kitco Pool Accounts’ page of our customer service section.
          Physical Products

          Physical products are popular among people who wish to take physical delivery of precious metals. The advantages of purchasing physical products are that you will receive them in your hand, which plays well to peace of mind. As well, the liquidity of coins and bars is higher than most other investment options. You can sell your physical products that you purchase from us on the open market with the knowledge that they are the genuine item and have come from recognised sources. The disadvantage is that you must store them yourself. Storage itself is not always fool-proof, and in terms of safety deposit boxes at banks, they are not insured against theft, so if there was a security violation and your deposit box was involved, the bank would not reimburse you for that loss.

          To find out more about our products and prices please refer to the Complete Bullion Product list. Please make sure to refresh your screen so as to view the most current prices.
          In order to purchase gold bars from us, you would need to go to the ‘Complete Bullion Products’ section of our website and enter in the quantity that you would wish to purchase. For further information/questions on the purchasing process, you can also refer the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section of the store.
          In terms of shipping, the costs are a $30 flat rate within Canada and the United States, as well as the insurance charge ($4 for every $1000 of value of gold, or $24 for every $1000 of value of silver).

          Perth Mint Certificates
          The Perth Mint Certificate Programme is operated by Gold Corporation, and international precious metals refining, minting, and trading group wholly owned by the Government of the State of Western Australia. the PMC Program offers international investors a unique range of precious metal storage facilities (with competitive rates). The Perth Mint’s facilities are especially suitable for private investors seeking confidentiality and flexibility and a safe haven for their precious metal assets in a turbulent world. The Perth Mint is the only depository operating today that can offer you a Government Guarantee of one of Australia’s wealthiest states. As well, the certificates are fully insured by Lloyd’s of London. The advantages of the PMCP are that there are no storage fees for the unallocated accounts, the insurance as stated above, the fact that the certificates are liquid, just like coins and our pool accounts, and they are transferable.

          The Perth Mint Certificate (PMC) is a document that evidences your legal title to precious metals stored on either an Allocated (segregated) or an unallocated (unsegregated) basis with The Perth Mint. The document is registered to the owner and identified by a client name and Certificate number. It will provide you with an impressive combination of S.A.F.E. features – Security, Affordability, Flexibility, and Exclusivity. Unallocated storage refers to storage of client precious metal on an unsegmented (unsegregated) basis. In this type of storage, the client has invested in a pool of precious metal. There are no storage fees on precious metals stored on an unallocated basis.
          Allocated storage refers to storage of client precious metal on a segmented (segregated) basis. In this type of storage, the client’s precious metal products are stored separately in a safe deposit box. There are annual storage fees charged for allocated storage. If you purchase allocated coins & bars, you must pay the quoted fabrication charges at the time of purchase, in addition to the 1st year storage costs. In the case of a purchase of unallocated bullion, you only have title to precious metal, as it is an unfabricated form. If delivery is required, you will need to pay fabrication charges for your requested product. Accordingly, if you do not intend to take physical delivery of your precious metal, then buying unallocated bullion is the best option because the initial cost per ounce is lower.
          To find out more about the Perth Mint Program, you can visit our website under the Perth Mint section.
          Payment Options – For Physical and Pool Products
          When you do make a purchase you will be prompted to enter either a Visa or a MasterCard, which is required to lock in the price for all orders under $20,000.00. Please be advised that Kitco does not accept credit cards as a method of payment. Payments must be dated within 24 hours and received at our office within 7 business days.
          Kitco accepts these various methods of payment: Money Order, Official Check (Bank draft, certified, or cashiers’ check), Bank Wire, or Personal Check (please be advised that orders paid for with a personal check are held for three weeks to insure clearance).
          For information or further clarification of our policies, please visit Kitco’s Ordering Policies and Procedures webpage. Here you will find information on ordering, payment options, price confirmations, cancellation of orders, shipment of precious metals, and security measures.
          Payment Options – Perth Mint
          When making any Perth Mint purchases you will be informed directly of the payment options available. Unlike when paying for physical and pool products, we do not accept personal checks as a method of payment for Perth Certificates.
          Thank you for your interest in Kitco and our products and services. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or require additional assistance. Kitco’s office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30am – 4:00pm Eastern time.
          Clinton Glenn
          Customer Service Representative
          Investment Department

  • guber

    After the Tulving company went belly up I have a hard time trusting online dealers. Calling around in my town, several coin shops closed shop, saying that there is nothing going on. I would be worried.

  • KF

    I just had a transaction with Kitco that was disastrous. Be careful with them. This is the second time that they sent me a tampered product. They will not exchange it.

  • JoeBoone

    I just started researching gold & silver, and companies to purchase from, within the last few weeks. I narrowed it down to APMEX and KITCO and decided to go with Kitco based on BBB ratings and reviews. After ordering from KITCO earlier this week, I decided to make a small purchase from Apmex, just so I could compare the two. My observations so far: Kitco, mailed personal check, check was cashed, made order, paid $30 shipping, and have to wait for 10 days after check was cashed before being shipped. Apmex, was able to use credit card (which helps build reward points on my card), shipping was free (maybe just a Christmas special?) and it was shipped immediately and arrived in 2-3 business days via USPS with tracking number provided.

    That is all that I have to go buy so far, so at this time, I would rank Apmex ahead of Kitco.

    • cdgoldin

      I agree. Kitco has slightly lower prices than Apmex, but makes up for it with exorbitant shipping charges: $30 plus $8 insurance, for a package that USPS will ship (insured) for $10. (Apmex ships for $9.95, with frequent free shipping offers). Kitco also insists your check be received within 3 business days, while Apmex allows 5, which (considering how slow the post office can be at times) makes a substantial difference.

  • David Backster

    I like Regal Assets.. they only have 1 complaint with the BBB that was resolved and their employees are superb.. i got mine from regalassetsgoldiras.com

  • http://www.topratedgoldiracompanies.net/ Precious Metals Man

    Great comparison ,but there are so many big players in the precious metals industry that need to be compared with apmex and kitco,I have found a site that shows precisely who are the leader gold dealers in usa today,you can check it out here