Top 100 Futures Trading Blogs

Futures investing was the original means of establishing exposure to commodities. It was first utilized by farmers and other commodity producers in order to hedge against poor crop yields among other things. Now, futures contracts can be utilized by anyone with an account, allowing a number of active traders to open positions in their favorite hard assets. But keeping up with the ins and outs of the futures world can be a tall order. Below we outline the top 100 futures blogs (in no particular order) from around the web to give investors a leg up on these trading vehicles [for more commodity futures news subscribe to our free newsletter].


The following blogs fall under the general futures knowledge category.

  1. Futures Mag: A website dedicated to all things futures including ETFs, Forex, Commodities and more.
  2. Trend Following Mentor: A great blog that focuses on the general investing and futures world.
  3. Trading Pub: A unique blog that aims to create an online community for active traders.
  4. Stock Rock and Roll: A site that features actionable trading ideas and futures commentary.
  5. Trading Concepts: A broad-based resource for those who actively participate in markets.
  6. Commodity & Derivative Advisors Blog: A good resource with consistent industry analysis.
  7. Stock Futures and Options Tips: A general blog on futures trading.
  8. Stock Nifty Tips: A general blog that focuses on stock trading as well as futures and options contracts.
  9. Stock Market Analysis: An extremely active blog that focuses on overall markets and futures contracts mainly concerning major indexes.
  10. Nifty Futures Tips: A good resource for staying up to date with the world of futures.
  11. Shadowtraders: A more general resource that focuses on the trading world as a whole.
  12. Safe Haven: A broad website that focuses on all facets of the investing world.
  13. Econ Matters: Another website that explores every corner of the financial world.
  14. Investors Council: One of the most active blogs on this list, this website will give you a nice broad overview of the futures world.
  15. Support And Resistance: A new blog that aims to help investors work their way around the futures world.
  16. Options Futures: A very active blog that focuses on both options and futures contracts.
  17. Bill McCready’s Futures Blog: A great resource on various futures trades.
  18. Alpari: A general site that gives education information to traders to help them make futures plays.
  19. Where To Invest: This site has a healthy commodities blog for traders who love all things hard asset.
  20. Stock Future Tips Today: A regularly updated blog that tends to focused on equity futures though it still maintains a healthy section on commodities.
  21. FuturesKnowledge: A general site that gives traders everything they need to know  about futures.

The Casual Investor

The following resources are for your casual futures investor [see also The Guide To The Biggest Companies In Every Major Commodity Sector].

  1. Trader Kingdom: A site that features a great blog on futures trading and market trends.
  2. Inside Futures: One of the best all-encompassing sites for futures knowledge and information.
  3. Traders Log: This site features articles and forums dedicated to futures markets.
  4. FuturesTrader71: A great futures-based website that also features a nice blog for its users.
  5. Chuck’s Commodities Blog:’s commodities blog is a great resource for futures information on these hard assets.
  6. Attain Capital Management: A well known name in the futures world, Attain’s blog will give you the latest analysis and insight into the futures world.
  7. 24/7 Wall St: This blog tends to focus on the investing world as a whole but will still offer good analysis and information on futures markets.
  8. Technical Traders: A great website for all things technical trading including a wide variety of options advice.
  9. Wisdom Financial: The Wisdom Financial blog has a heavy tilt towards commodities futures.
  10. Resource Investor: A great resource for those looking to stay up to date on the latest news in the futures world.
  11. RJO Futures: This trading platform also comes packed with up to date news and trends for commodity futures.
  12. Etoro: A blog to help get your feet wet in the wide world of futures trading.
  13. Ichimoku Trade Blog: A good blog with actionable trade ideas for its readers.
  14. Futures Market Blog: A blog specifically designed for all things futures trading.


These websites are designed specifically for those who have a wealth of experience with futures [see also 25 Things Every Financial Advisor Should Know About Commodities].

  1. SidewaysMarkets: A site heavily geared towards active traders including trading courses and FAQs.
  2. Afraid to Trade: This blog features regular updates on the futures world along with charts and other technical indicators.
  3. Emini Academy: A blog that features strategies and futures trading techniques.
  4. Emini Methods: Another blog dedicated to trading various emini futures.
  5. Trade In Harmony: A nice blog that is geared towards active traders and financial junkies.
  6. Futures Options Trading: An excellent resource for those looking to dabble in options or futures contracts, as many commodity investors do.
  7. SMB U: A great blog that focuses on all facets of the financial world including futures trading.
  8. E-Futures: This website features training for all levels but offers a very compelling resource center for advanced traders.
  9. Futures Trading: A website that is also home to a significant amount of information and training for advanced investors.
  10. High Probability Trading: Great monthly analysis from a detailed trader.
  11. Optimus Trading Group: This website features advanced futures trading videos and helpful charting tips.


These blogs hone in on a particular sector or asset [see also The Most Profitable Months to Trade Gold].

  1. Agricultural Futures Trading: As suggested in the title, this resource focuses on agriculture futures trading.
  2. Emini Addict: A great blog dedicated solely to futures trading.
  3. Jim Sinclair’s MineSet: A great blog that tends to focus on the precious metals space.
  4. Forex Currency Trading: A blog that hones in on forex trading and futures.
  5. Baby Pips: A forex trading site that also features a blog on futures and other trading vehicles.
  6. Futures-Trading-Infonet: Another broad-based commodity website, Futures Trading offers a blog on a number of your favorite commodity contracts.
  7. Trade Precious Metals: A blog wholly dedicated to precious metals traders and investors.
  8. Investor Place: A great website that discusses the financial world as a whole, but has a soft spot for precious metals futures.
  9. Gold Investing News: A great resource for those looking to hone in on gold futures and trends.
  10. MCX Tips Today: Ran by India’s Multi-Commodity Exchange, this blog offers helpful tips for commodity futures traders.
  11. The Oil Drum: This blog sets its sights on the entire energy industry while still offering a nice focus on natural gas news and trends.
  12. OilPrice: Another great website for those looking to focus in on one commodity, in this case crude oil and energy futures.
  13. Palm Oil HQ: This website specifically focuses crude palm oil futures.
  14. GotGoldReport: Another solid blog that features news as well as analysis surrounding gold and gold futures.
  15. Fuel Fix: A great website that focuses on the energy world.
  16. Earn From Home: A blog focused on commodities futures and price movements.
  17. Day in the Life of a Bond Trader: A blog that will cater to those looking for fixed income futures.
  18. CPO Futures: As stated in the byline, the blog focuses on the Basic of Crude Palm Oil Futures Trading On Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Based On Technical Analysis.
  19. Copper Updates: Traders rejoice, this blog is heavily focused on pricing and futures contracts for copper.
  20. Platts: This blog aims to provide both news and analysis for investors of crude.


The following blogs are aimed at providing knowledge on the futures industry as a whole [see also Understanding Contango Through Natural Gas Futures].

  1. Emini Mind: Helping investors learn about emini contracts and strategies on how to trade them.
  2. Emini Radio Blog: A blog from the Christian Financial Radio Network, this resource is heavily geared towards education of the futures market.
  3. Slope of Hope: A good resource for those looking to learn more about equity futures.
  4. Reality Futures Trading: A website that offers a knowledge-driven blog to give you a leg up on futures contracts.
  5. A website that seeks to provide its readers with general knowledge on futures contracts.
  6. Traders Laboratory: An all-encompassing resource for active traders.
  7. Seery Futures: A great website that features a fair amount of updates on futures and options.
  8. T&K Futures and Options: This site features commentary on a number of commodities, but it keeps a thorough section exclusively for copper and its traders. Also, the site allows one to open a “practice” trading account in which you can test your theories with fake money before moving into the real thing.
  9. FuturesBlogs: A deep look at the entire world of futures trading.
  10. Trading Markets: A website that has a specific section designed to teach you how to successfully trade Emini futures.
  11. Center for Futures Education: A great resource for those that are new to futures contracts.
  12. United Futures Trading Company: An online futures broker with an education center to get you started on your very own trades.
  13. Efutures: Another great website for general futures knowledge.
  14. CME Group Resource Center: One of the largest futures exchanges in the world, the CME Group houses an excellent resource center for traders of all kinds.
  15. Trading Charts: A site that offers both futures education as well up to date commodity futures news.
  16. A site that aims to educate and aid futures traders of all levels.
  17. Traders Network: Weekly updates to help keep you in-the-know in the futures world.
  18. Mirus Futures: A site that offers free trading education.
  19. LiveCharts: This U.K.-based website has plenty to offer for those looking to learn about the futures world.
  20. Investments Options Futures Trading: A blog that focuses its posts on teaching you the ins and outs of options futures.
  21. Money Maker Edge: A blog that focuses on futures of all kinds.


These blogs are personally-run by their authors [see also How Jim Rogers is Preparing for a Recession].

  1. Daniels Trading: This blog is focused on trading as a whole but will include futures trading advice and actionable ideas.
  2. Futures Trade Blog: A great resource for those who are just getting their feet wet in the world of futures.
  3. Ag Futures Trading: A futures blog run by a veteran trader.
  4. I Am A Futures Trader: A personal blog written by a trader with a wealth of experience and accolades.
  5. Larry Baer’s Options & Futures Trading Strategies Blog: This blog is a personally-written resource that has a heavy focus on commodities.
  6. ProTrader Ed Jaguar Trading Club: Another blog for dedicated futures traders.
  7. Carl Futia: Another blog that focuses on its author’s trades and activity in futures markets.
  8. Trader Dan’s Market Views: A professional commodity trader bringing you his insights and analysis of the current futures market.
  9. Swing Trades in Futures: This blog is a another personally-run source for commodity futures traders.
  10. Matt McKinney Option Plays & Futures Trading Strategies: A good personal blog that outlines various futures strategies including those concerning commodities.
  11. Wang’s Happy Trading: Another great personal blog with an established following.
  12. Odds: A blog that aims to help make options and futures easy and has been active for over four years.
  13. Infinity Trading: A great resource on the futures world as a whole.

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