Top 100 Options Trading Blogs

Options investing is one of the safest and most effective ways to add exposure to risky assets like commodities. Options allows users to limit their downside risk while also affording the opportunity of making speculative calls on all kinds of assets. But keeping up with options and all of the various trading methodologies out there can be a difficult task. Luckily, there are plenty of well-versed experts around the internet to help you get a handle on how to properly use option contracts. Below, we outline the top 100 options trading blogs (in no particular order) from around the web [for the most up to date commodity news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter].


The following blogs fall under the general options knowledge category.

  1. What’s Trading?: A blog that has a wide focus on trading various assets as well as options contracts.
  2. Phil’s Stock World: This site will offer actionable trading ideas and strategies to anyone who wants it, for free.
  3. Investing With Options: This site features a blog that is chock full of options strategies and technical trading ideas.
  4. The Evil Speculator: A very entertaining title for a blog that is extremely focused on technical analysis and deciphering charts for stocks as well as options.
  5. Distressed Volatility: An extremely active blog that maintains a broad focus for active traders.
  6. Surly Trader: This site features posts from all around the options world all in one convenient location.
  7. The Intelligent Investor: A good investing blog that also focuses on volatility, specifically on VXX and XIV pricing models for traders.
  8. Option Monster: A great all-encompassing resource on general options trading.
  9. Equity Compensation Advisor: Geared towards those looking for advice on stock options and equity compensation in their respective places of work.
  10. Trend Following Mentor: A great blog that focuses on the general investing and options world.
  11. Options Click: A great site that features daily recap posts of markets and the movement of major benchmarks.
  12. Technical Traders: A great website for all things technical trading including a wide variety of options advice.
  13. Born to Sell: An options-focused blog that helps investors use covered calls to turn a profit.
  14. Option Multibagger: Focuses on providing a broad view on the world of options trading.
  15. Stock Options Trading: A website focused on the broad options arena covering assets of all kinds, including ETFs.
  16. Stock, Option and Futures Trading: A regularly updated resource on active trading techniques and options.
  17. SJ Options: A great resource that includes free education for traders as well as an options course and a look at the organization’s past performance.
  18. In Digest Biz: Though it focuses on varying methods of trading, options are often mentioned in this blog.
  19. Trading Pub: A unique blog that aims to create an online community for active traders.
  20. Market Experts: Market Expert’s blog focuses on the investing world as a whole but still speaks a fair amount about options.
  21. The Lazy Trader: A great blog that discusses all things options.
  22. Option Matters: A great blog associated with the Montreal Exchange.
  23. Steady Options: An all-encompassing options resource complete with articles, forums, chatrooms, and more.

The Casual Investor

The following resources are for your casual options investor [see also Definitive Guide To Commodity Investing].

  1. Options for Rookies: This resource is not quite as active as the others, but it does offer a premium service to help guide you through the world of options.
  2. 1 Option: This resource focuses on daily stock option trading as well as general option education.
  3. Option Pit: The founders of this site have discussed their work on CNBC as well as Mad Money with Jim Cramer, all while maintaining a healthy options blog.
  4. Terry’s Tips Stock Options Trading Blog: A source that is very dedicated to its followers and fanbase and their questions on options.
  5. Option Elements: An all-encompassing site complete with articles, tools, and classes for traders.
  6. Options Trading Strategies and Resources: The perfect place to get your feet wet with options and all that these contracts have to offer.
  7. The Blue Collar Investor: A blog aimed at mid-level options traders who know more than the basics, but probably don’t consider themselves experts.
  8. Minyanville: Though not catered specifically to options, the Minyanville blog is still a great place to find actives trading news and tips.
  9. Forec and Binary Option Trading: A no-nonsense blog that simply focuses on the orders the author has placed.
  10. The Upfront Blog: A blog sponsored by Wealth Front that talks a fair amount about options.
  11. Stock and Profit Investments: Another broad-based trading blog that delves into options every once in a while.
  12. Market Playground: An excellent resource on all things trading as well as options markets.
  13. Options Trading Club: A regularly updated resource to keep you ahead of the options curve.
  14. The Option Guru: A great blog on the general options world.
  15. Option Trading IQ: The site’s tagline reads, “helping you trade iron condors and other income strategies without the BS”.
  16. Explosive Options: A helpful trading resource for any investor interested in using options.
  17. FuturesInsightBlog: Dedicated to futures contracts while still discussing options and their prevalence.
  18. FuturesMag: An extremely popular resource for options and futures trading.
  19. T&K Futures and Options: This site features commentary on a number of commodities, but it keeps a thorough section exclusively for options and its traders. Also, the site allows one to open a “practice” trading account in which you can test your theories with fake money before moving into the real thing.
  20. Schaeffer’s Options Center: A great place for those who like to actively check the prices of various options around the industry.


These websites are designed specifically for those who have a wealth of experience with options.

  1. A.J.’s Option Trading Blog: Offers insights as well as podcasts for serious options traders who are already familiar with the basics.
  2. Live Vol: Very detailed and meticulous postings concerning options trades.
  3. Market Taker Mentoring: Not for the faint of heart, this is a serious options blog for those who know their stuff and want to read someone who speaks their language.
  4. SMB U: A great blog that focuses on all facets on the financial world including options trading.
  5. Covered Calls Advisor: A great resource for advanced options traders looking for actionable trades and ideas.
  6. Options University: This already flourishing resource comes fit with a healthy options blog.
  7. Futures Options Trading: An excellent resource for those looking to dabble in options on futures contracts, as many commodity investors do.
  8. Sheridan Options Mentoring: A straight-forward and to the point resource for those who already know their way around options.
  9. Trade In Harmony: A nice blog that is geared towards active traders and financial junkies.


These blogs hone in on a particular sector or asset [see also The Most Profitable Months to Trade Gold].

  1. Condor Options: A strong blog that focuses on commodities and volatility contracts.
  2. VIX and More: Bill Luby does an excellent job of educating you on all things volatility with this blog.
  3. Volatility Futures & Options: Though it does not post everyday, this blog still features strong commentary on the volatility world.
  4. Set Options: A trading service with a focus on binary options.
  5. VIX Views: Another good resource for those looking to get a leg-up on volatility trading.
  6. Grain Marketing Plans: An options blog that focuses specifically on commodities.
  7. An all-in-one package that offers everything traders need to successfully utilize binary options.
  8. Energy & Commodities Resource Center: A good trading resource for those who are focused on energy futures and options.
  9. Trade Futures Online: A great resource that hones in on commodity options.
  10. Binary Options: This site focuses on options in the U.K., giving investors a more international look at these financial tools.
  11. Forex Blog: Focuses on trading and handling forex options.
  12. GoldAlert: This website is one of the best places on the internet to find up to the minute and breaking gold news and options on the metal.
  13. Investment Rarities’ Gold and Silver Blog: A regularly updated blog that is a part of Pedal to the Metals, a popular site for commodity traders focused on the metal industry.
  14. Gold and Silver Blog: A straight-forward blog that focuses on analysis and news for both gold and silver.
  15. Silver Strategies: The site may be a bit overwhelming upon first glance, but a closer look will reveal one of the best and most comprehensive resources currently available for silver traders and investors.
  16. Copper Updates: Traders rejoice, this blog is heavily focused on pricing and futures contracts for copper.
  17. The Oil Drum: This blog sets its sights on the entire energy industry while still offering a nice focus on natural gas news and trends.
  18. Platts: This blog aims to provide both news and analysis for investors of crude.
  19. Futures-Trading-Infonet: Another broad-based commodity website, Futures Trading offers a blog on a number of your favorite commodity contracts.
  20. Seery Futures: A great website that features a fair amount of updates on futures and options.


The following resources are static websites that are not necessarily updated on a daily basis, but are still invaluable reference points for investors [see also Three ETFs To Cure a Gold Hoarding Addiction].

  1. Trading Systems: A great resource for active traders.
  2. Momentum Options Trading: A site focused on its members and providing them with sound actionable ideas.
  3. Stock Options Explained: While this blog is not regularly updated it comes with a wealth of options knowledge.
  4. Power Options: This website is focused on educating investors on trading options, though it requires a membership.
  5. Stock Options: Another static website that has a massive database of options education.
  6. Stock Option Trading: A quick resource to help beginners wrap their heads around basic option concepts.
  7. A wikipedia of sorts to help you make your way through the options universe.
  8. Stock & Option Trades: A website focused on providing its members with actionable ideas and trades.
  9. All In The Money: Another site that is focused on helping you execute options in the money for maximal returns.
  10. Trading Concepts: A great site for those looking for membership opportunities to get actionable advice.
  11. Options Xpress: A Charles Schwab-sponsored options account for those looking to start trading on their own.
  12. Allyall: A great trading platform for options investors.
  13. Trading Pro System: Another great subscription service to help take your options trading to the next level.
  14. Crude Oil Trader: This site offers a good mix of news and data, giving a broad view of the commodity world. The blog may appeal more to those who are interested in the technical side of things, as it features sections dedicated to options trading signals among other indicators.


These blogs are personally-run by their authors [see also Peter Schiff: The Only Way To Fix The Economy Is To Let It Fail].

  1. My Trader’s Journal: A blog that features posts simply stating the actions that the author has taken or will take for those of you who like someone who practices what they preach.
  2. Kingston Trader: An interesting source that shows a detailed layout of specific trades, targets, and margins all in a neat excel sheet for you to follow along.
  3. OptionPundit: A site that features actionable ideas to help you make the best option trades possible.
  4. Tyler’s Trading: Focuses on the personal reflections of an options trader and his view of the markets.
  5. Odds: A blog that aims to help make options easy and has been active for over four years.
  6. Option Alpha: A good site for those looking to start with options as well as for those looking to take their knowledge to the next level.
  7. Trade King: Features a blog specifically catered to options strategies and news.
  8. My Covered Call Blog: A personal resource where the author outlines the options strategies and trades that an investor can follow.
  9. Rescue My IRA: A blog that chronicles the options trades and other strategies the author is currently utilizing to prepare for retirement.
  10. Parkwood Capital: A financial site that features a personally-run blog from Dr. Duke as he describes his trades and ideas.
  11. Matt McKinney Option Plays & Futures Trading Strategies: A good personal blog that outlines various options strategies including those concerning commodities.
  12. Mark Lexus Blog Page: A personal blog about trades, charts, and setups from the author.
  13. Wang’s Happy Trading: Another great personal blog with an established following.
  14. TradesbyTiger: A simple blog that describes positions and how the author is trading in the current market.

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Disclosure: No positions at time of writing.

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