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The world of investing is largely shaped by the varying economic schools of thought that individuals fall under. One of the best-known of these groups is the Keynsian school, which promotes a more hands-on government that has more control over a particular economy. Another big name in the world of economics is those that associate with the Austrian school of thought, which promotes a laissez-faire government that has little influence on the developments around it. As the years have gone on, the Austrian way of thinking has become incredibly popular, and has shaped a number of investors’ capital allocations [see also How to Play Schiff’s $5,000 Gold Prediction].

Below, we outline the top 40 Austrian Economics blogs for those looking to get a deeper understanding of this niche world.

Most Active

The first group of Austrian Economics resources are what we defined (subjectively) as the most active of the list [see also The Ten Commandments of Commodity Investing].

  1. Luwig von Mises Institute: The who’s-who of Austrian resources, this website is a go to for investors all around the world.
  2. Austrianomics: A good resource with regular postings regarding this particular economic approach.
  3. Bastiat Institute: A regularly-updated Austrian blog that focuses on economies all across the globe.
  4. Economic Thought: A relatively small but extremely active resource chock full of ideas and commentary.
  5. The Radical Subjectivist: An extremely active and bold blog for those looking for strong opinions.
  6. Freeman: A blog that features regular posts about things like “How the Government Destroys Wealth”.
  7. Thinking Machine Blog: A good blog that features regular posts.
  8. Economic Freedom: This blog aims to bring you the latest news, research, commentary and analysis on what is impacting your quality of life.
  9. Monty Pelerin’s World: This popular blog features readers in over 150 countries as it keeps pace with global economic news.
  10. Mercatus Center: A George Mason University-run website that has a nice, widespread focus.
  11. Economic Liberty: A blog that allows visitors to post and share their ideas with the world.
  12. Austrian Economics and Liberty: A blog that focuses on both writing and videos to educate investors.


The following blogs are run by institutions or on the behalf of institutions [for more commodity news subscribe to our free newsletter].

  1. The Circle Bastiat: A blog with a global focus on the Austrian school.
  2. Adam Smith Institute: This blog focuses on the U.K. economy and was inspired by legendary philosopher/economist Adam Smith.
  3. Economic Mayhem: Though this blog is not updated quite as often as some of the others on the list, it still provides a nice resource for those looking for economic updates.
  4. EconLog: A great resource and one of whose writers’ first book was named “Best Political Book of the Year” by the New York Times.
  5. Coordination Problem: A strong blog that is very focused on news and current affairs from an Austrian point of view.
  6. The Pretense of Knowledge: Though the blog is not specifically catered to economics, it carries the hands-off government ideals of most Austrians.
  7. Barnhart Investment: An Austrian blog ran by Barnhart Investment Advisory.
  8. Ted Bits: A great source for those new to Austrian Economics who are looking to get their feet wet.
  9. Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada: An all-inclusive Austrian resource whose writers have been featured on publications like the National Post and
  10. LRC Blog: Though not updated on a daily basis, this blog still has good commentary and interviews for readers to dive in to.
  11. The Daily Bail: An Austrian blog that tends to focus on the “doom and gloom” side of things.
  12. The Burning Platform: A blog that focuses both on Austrian economics as well as personal stories and commentary from the authors.
  13. Economic Policy Journal: A good source that features constant updates and articles.
  14. King World News: A blog very focused on precious metals while still applying the Austrian school of thought.
  15. TheMoneyIllusion: A blog that is specifically dedicated to monetary issues around the world.
  16. Critical Thinking Applied: Another well-versed economics resource.
  17. Freedom Line: An Austrian blog ran by the Center for Individual Freedom.
  18. Manifest Liberty: A blog with plenty to say on the current economic and political environment.
  19. Recovering Austrians: This blog actually focuses on dispelling the thoughts behind Austrian Economics, giving you a view from the other side.
  20. The Social Rationalist: A blog that focuses on economics, politics, and legal theory among other things.


The following blogs are run by individuals or on behalf of an individual [see also Four Commodities To Buy Before Roubini’s “Perfect Storm”].

  1. Tom Woods: A well-written blog managed by a senior fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute who also boasts degrees from Harvard and Columbia University.
  2. Free Advice: A personal blog of economist Robert P. Murphy.
  3. Smiling Dave: Certainly one of the more entertaining economics blogs as the tagline promises to offer “gentle sarcasm”.
  4. Patrick Barron: An individual blog that allows investors to see a new side of the Austrian world, as told by a banking consultant.
  5. SchiffGold: The official blog of Peter Schiff, one of the best-known and most trusted names in economics.
  6. Carpe Diem: A blog ran by a professor of economics and finance at the University of Michigan.
  7. John Lott: A nicely-run blog with a personal touch from author John Lott.
  8. Diary of a Libertarian Nerd: The blog’s tagline reads “I felt alienated from my school-bag, and for once I grasped the intimate relationship between sarcasm and alienation”.

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Photo courtesy of the Ludwig von Mises Institute

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    Please consider adding Divine Economy Consulting ( to the list of blogs run by individuals who are Austrian economists.

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    Wow, thanks for including me (#18, The Pretense of Knowledge). Though I’m just a lone guy, not affiliated with any organization. I guess you would classify me as a fan of free-market/Austrian economics. Small ‘l’ libertarian, classical liberal.  ;-)

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    LRC is updated multiple times a day.
    Two notable omissions are Cafe Hayek ( and LA Liberty ( 
    With those two, the best are LvMI/Circle Bastiat, LRC, Bob Murphy’s, Mark Perry’s, Tom Woods, and The Freeman.

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    Thanks Commodity HQ for providing this list of top Austrian econ blogs. It’s a great guide for a beginner like me, Grace and peace!

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    Another Austrian economics blog people may like is my:

    I am particularly interested in hyperinflation.