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Silver investing often takes a backseat to gold, as the yellow precious metal seems to gobble up all of the headlines and press. But silver continues to present itself as a strong investment, with many feeling that it is an even better buy than gold, as it is historically undervalued by some comparisons. When it comes time to add silver exposure to your portfolio, or to keep up with investments you have already made, it can be hard to sort through all of the data and information. In an effort to keep our readers informed on their favorite commodity, we list the top 50 silver blogs (in no particular order) to keep you in-the-know on this white metal [for more silver news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter].


These blogs cover the broad world of silver investing.

  1. Buy Silver & Gold: This site is dedicated to helping you properly buy both silver and gold.
  2. Gold and Silver Blog: One of the best resources for the two precious metals.
  3. 321 Gold: While the site does focus on gold, it still brings investors a wealth of silver news and analysis.
  4. Resource Investor: A general finance site that often features commentary on the white metal.
  5. Silver Doctors: A silver site that aims to restore your financial health.
  6. Silver Coin Investor Mini Blog: This blog conglomerates news, analysis, and commentary on the metal.
  7. Bullion Bulls Canada: A site that focuses on all facets of the precious metals industry.
  8. The Silver Price: A blog that features live pricing, commentary, and news concerning silver.
  9. Hard Assets Investor: A great commodities resource with plenty of silver data and news to go along with it.
  10. To Buy and Sell Silver: This resource focuses on teaching new investors the ins and outs of the world of silver.
  11. TF Metals Report: A site dedicated to educating you about metals investing.
  12. Commodity Online: A great resource for all things commodity.
  13. Silver Today: One of the best websites that dedicates itself to this white metal.
  14. RuntoGold: This site is dedicated to educating you on gold and silver and their use as monetary metals.
  15. Invest Silver Malaysia: A blog dedicated to investors who choose to purchase silver in Malaysia.
  16. The Silver Institute: A site featuring great educational and news-related content.


These resources focus on bringing you breaking news surrounding this commodity [see also SPY vs. GLD vs. SLV, How 2012 Has Shaped Up].

  1. Trade Precious Metals: This site aims to keep you up to date on any kind of news surrounding the metal.
  2. A great blog that brings you news on both gold and silver.
  3. Silver Gold Market News: A resource dedicated to bringing you news updates on both silver and gold.
  4. Gold & Silver Market: Focuses on news surrounding the global industries of gold and silver.
  5. Investment Rarities’ Gold and Silver Blog: A regularly updated blog that is a part of Pedal to the Metals, a popular site for commodity traders focused on the metal industry.
  6. Mineweb: A general mining blog that features a fair amount of silver analysis.
  7. Silver Investing News: A great website to keep you up to date with your favorite precious commodity.
  8. Wealth Daily: A blog that features general financial news with a nice focus on silver.
  9. CMI Gold & Silver Blog: A great news source for both metals.
  10. Kitco: A great resource for those looking for silver news and analysis.
  11. Safe Haven: A popular financial news site that features breaking updates on a number of assets including silver.
  12. International Business Times: A broad-based financial resource with regular commentary on silver.
  13. An excellent resource for those looking to keep up with the supply side of silver.
  14. Pro Edge Wire: The gold and silver section of this website provides excellent news on the entire silver industry.


The following sites focus on analyzing the precious metal.

  1. Silver Strategies: A great resource for silver analysis as well as pricing information.
  2. Political Metals: A site dedicated to analyzing the political impacts of silver and gold.
  3. Silver Shortage: A blog that predicts silver will eventually become a rare earth metal and that it will experience a future shortage.
  4. GoldSilverWorlds: A site dedicated to giving you a better understanding of these two precious metals.
  5. Silver Gold Bull: An analysis-driven blog for both gold and silver.
  6. Gold Chat: Though this blog’s primary focus is one gold, it still features regular analysis on silver.
  7. Wavaholic: A technical-analysis based resource that features regular commentary on the white metal.
  8. Gold Bullion Pro: An investment guide to both gold and silver.
  9. Silver Seek: A great analytical source with pricing info as well as news and commentary.
  10. Financial Sense: A broad based financial analysis site that often comments on the precious commodity.
  11. Gold and Silver: A blog that features market analysis on these two commodities.
  12. The Daily Gold: A gold analysis website that still features a healthy silver section.


All of these blogs are personally run by their authors [see also Which Commodity ETFs Could Outpace QE3?].

  1. Chicago Gold and Silver Investing Fan Blog: A gold and silver blog from a private conservative economist.
  2. Precious Metals Life: The observations and analysis of a precious metals addict.
  3. Gold and Precious Metals Portfolio: The personal blog of Jack A. Bass and his ideas and thoughts on the precious metals world.
  4. Rick’s Picks: A great blog that features financial forecasting and analysis on the precious metal.
  5. Jim Rogers Blog: Rogers is a known proponent of silver and he currently thinks it is a better buy than gold.
  6. Silver Gold Silver: The rather blunt postings of a blogger with a strong opinion on the precious metals world.
  7. David Morgan’s Blog: The commentary and analysis of a dedicated silver expert.
  8. Gold & Silver Report: A good analytical resource from author Harvey Organ.

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  • ChooHader

    No SGTreport?
    These sites are all superior to many on this list. For example SilverGoldSilver started out as a serious blog, but now it barely has any material and the comment section is littered with juvenile fart and genital jokes. It TOTALLY sucks compared to these gems I mention.

    • Jondar

      Silver bear cafe? Really? Not about silver. Economic Rant? Again same thing.

  • Andrew

    This is pure positional call… SL is purely based on closing basis… Warning: Dont ever try to make shorts below $20…Purely profit booking Zone.” This are my calls for continuing from May extended to June in bullion.

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    Another personal silver investing blog out there is

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    we have various types of silver investing blog list,news updated resources listing,analysis sites,and list of lots of personal blogs over here.

    very nice listing.Once again thanks for share this.


    While not blogs per say, we put quite a bit of time into our free precious metals investors guide and our local buyers guide is updated every week.

  • guest

    nice silver investment, although still below the obat keputihan gatal crystal X and gold.