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Stoyan Bojinov is an Analyst with,,, and where he contributes articles on a daily basis. Stoyan has been active in the markets since 2008 and graduated from DePaul University with a bachelor's degree in finance; since joining in 2011, he has become an influential voice in the industry. His areas of interest and expertise include, portfolio management, ETF analysis, swing trading, as well as technical and macroeconomic analysis. Stoyan's work has also been highlighted in a number of prominent financial publications, including Barron's, Bloomberg News, and Financial Advisor Magazine.

Recent Content By Stoyan Bojinov
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How to Invest in Commodities

How to Invest in Hard Assets

Deciding to invest in commodities is a good first step to diversifying a portfolio. However, the...

Photodune 6195190 financial analysis xs
Commodities Trading

How to Read the Commitment of Traders Report (COT)

It’s not a secret that commercial hedgers and institutional traders account for the majority of...

Pd coffee2 300x225
Commodities Trading

How to Trade Coffee Futures

When it comes time to add coffee exposure to portfolios, investors may be left with questions...

Pd oil refinery4 300x200
Commodities Investing 101: The Basics

The 5 Biggest Oil Discoveries in History

Oil makes the world go ’round, and finding more oil is one of the principal goals of...

How to Invest in Commodities

The Silver Eagle Monster Box: Should You Buy It?

Silver investing has long been a mainstay for a number of investors who prefer the safety offered...

Photodune 6195190 financial analysis xs
Commodities Investing 101: The Basics

The South African Commodities Industry

South Africa is the second-largest economy within Africa. The path to this status has not been an...

Photodune 3560056 the textbook with pen xs
Commodities Trading

5 Commodity Trading Mistakes You Are Probably Making

There’s little question that commodities trading is a risky endeavor. From margin calls to...

Photodune 3504050 money xs
Commodities Investing 101: The Basics

5 Legendary Commodity Investors

There was a time when commodities trading was only for the most sophisticated of investors. But...

Photodune 5514956 think too much m%20%281%29
Commodities Trading

7 Commodity Terms and Definitions Traders Must Know

Investors of all walks should certainly familiarize themselves with the complexities and nuances...

Photodune 2246266 oil drop xs
Commodities Investing 101: The Basics

Breaking Down the Cost of a Gallon of Gas

The price of a gallon of gasoline averaged $2.47 a gallon in April 2015. Ever wonder how much of...

Photodune 3560056 the textbook with pen xs
Commodities Trading

How to Invest in Options on Futures

Options on futures, also known as futures options or commodity options, may seem like a complex...

Photodune 1947676 wealth concept xs
Commodities Trading

The Most Successiful Commodity Trades of All Time

Warren Buffett, Jesse Livermore and Peter Lynch are household names around the world, but equity...


Big Oil Earnings On Tap - Q1 2015

Earnings season is well underway on Wall Street and investors have already grown accustomed to a...


2 Commodity Stocks to Buy on the Dip: CVX and CAT

Major equity indexes are stuck in stop-and-go mode with regards to anticipating the Fed’s...


2 Commodity Stocks to Buy on the Dip: FCX and BBL

Much to the bears’ growing frustration, equity markets have been relentless in their...


2 Commodity Stocks to Buy on the Dip: AA and MON

Much to the energy bulls’ growing frustration, crude oil prices have continued to plunge...


The Best and Worst Performing Commodity-Producers of 2014

The commodities market had a wild ride in 2014 while the rest of Wall Street enjoyed a continued...


2 Energy Stocks to Buy on the Dip: ETE and MMP

The sharp rebound seen in the second half of October wasn’t enough to keep the bulls at bay...


2 Commodity Stocks to Buy on the Dip: EPD, TRP

The bulls have managed to keep the rebound on Wall Street afloat as major indexes haven’t looking...

Photodune 1343875 business man checking stock diagram xs

2 Commodity Stocks to Buy on the Dip: CF, YPF

The bears arrived on Wall Street with little warning and dragged the S&P 500 Index down...

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