What Are WTI Futures?

WTI futures are the world\'s most actively traded energy product. WTI futures and options trade on the NYMEX, and contracts for several months often exhibit significant liquidity. Futures contracts, traded under the symbol CL, represent 1,000 barrels of oil for delivery at any pipeline or storage facility in Cushing, Oklahoma with pipeline access to TEPPCO, Cushing storage or Equilon Pipeline Company LLC Cushing storage. WTI underlying futures contracts must meet certain minimum grade and quality standards.

WTI contracts are listed nine years forward using the following listing schedule: consecutive months are listed for the current year and the next five years; in addition, the June and December contract months are listed beyond the sixth year. Additional months will be added on an annual basis after the December contract expires, so that an additional June and December contract would be added nine years forward, and the consecutive months in the sixth calendar year will be filled in.

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