What Are Silver ETFs?

Exchange-traded funds have become a popular option for investors seeking exposure to silver, as this structure allows for low expenses while eliminating complexities introduced by physical storage. There are dozens of silver ETFs available to investors around the world, including both physically-backed funds and products that achieve exposure through futures contracts. Silver ETFs available to U.S. investors include:

SLViShares Silver TrustLargest Silver ETF
SIVRPhysical Silver SharesLow expense ratio
DBSPowerShares DB SilverFutures-based exposure

There are a number of inverse and leveraged silver ETFs as well, including AGQ (2x daily long) and ZSL (2x daily short).

In addition, there is an ETF that offers exposure to stocks of companies engaged in the extraction of silver. See more on the Global X Silver Miners ETF

Other Ways To Invest In Silver

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