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Futures investing is one of the safest and most effective ways to add exposure to risky assets like commodities. Futures allow users to limit their downside risk while affording the opportunity to make speculative calls on all kinds of assets. But keeping up with futures and all of the various trading methodologies out there can be a difficult task.

Luckily, there are plenty of well-versed Twitter experts around the internet to help you get a handle on how to properly use futures contracts as well as actionable trade ideas. Below, we outline 100 must-follow futures traders on Twitter (in no particular order).

Most Active

These accounts are the most active with their tweets and updates [see also The Ten Commandments of Commodity Investing].

  1. @FuturesTrader71: An extremely active user who has amassed more than 23,000 followers.
  2. @TradingAddicts: A Twitter handle that serves as somewhat of a discussion board with traders offering up-to-date trading suggestions and news.
  3. @FuturesMagazine: A site that focuses on both news and analysis for futures contracts.
  4. @DanZanger: Features great trading advice. Dan Zanger is the world record holder for the largest percentage gains in 12 months and 18 months, flipping $10,775 to $18 million.
  5. @MockTrade: A very active wing trader and hedger using primarily options and futures.
  6. @ArlanFF101: A grain market analyst for Farm Futures magazine.
  7. @MissTrade: A futures trader with no shortage of ideas on the surrounding market.
  8. @vader7x: An extremely active futures investor with over 46,000 tweets.
  9. @ScalpingMentor: An e-mini futures trader with more than 2,900 followers.
  10. @RenaTrader: A full-time futures and forex trader.
  11. @EminiJunkie: An account that looks to mentor those wishing to trade e-mini futures.
  12. @OCFutresTrader: A full-time futures trader with plenty to say.
  13. @carleygarner: A futures and options analyst with a focus on commodities.
  14. @traderblast: A futures and options trading firm that features constant updates.


The following Twitter accounts fall under the general futures knowledge category [see also 12 High-Yielding Commodities For 2012].

Image of Analyzing Charts
  1. @TheTradingZone: One of the largest futures professional trading communities on the net.
  2. @redliontrader: A trader focused on the futures and options world
  3. @TopstepTrader: A global scouting agency looking for futures trading talent while tweeting about the industry.
  4. @stockmaniacs: A good broad-based resource for futures traders.
  5. @rjofutures: A source aimed to keep you up to date on all things futures.
  6. @CommodityMkts: A commodity trading association looking to make commodity futures more accessible by their industry counterparts.
  7. @SFOmag: A general investing resource that also discusses futures trading.
  8. @commodityonline: With over 13,000 followers, this account focuses on the futures and option markets of commodities.
  9. @UnitedFuturesCo: A commodity brokerage firm that keeps you up to date on futures markets.
  10. @AdvancedFutures: A managed futures specialist servicing RIAs and family offices.
  11. @CRFN: DeWayne Reeves runs this account, which focuses on e-mini S&P 500 options and futures.
  12. @MarketClub: Another strong resource for futures and options trading.
  13. @RetroWallSt: Twitter handle for RealMoney contributor Timothy Collins.

The Casual Investor

The following resources are for the casual futures investor [see also 25 Things Every Financial Advisor Should Know About Commodities].

  1. @Trading_Futures: Trading research and tips from expert analysts.
  2. @CannonFutures: A good resource for futures learning and knowledge.
  3. @jasonlbritt: President of Central State Commodities with an impressive background in the industry.
  4. @JohnLothian: A commodity trading advisor with plenty to say about the surrounding industry.
  5. @AttainCapital: A Chicago-based managed futures firm.
  6. @MarkMelin: A writer, professor, and editor with a strong background in futures trading.
  7. @bigmiketrading: A forum dedicated to helping investors trade futures, among other things.
  8. @JLNOptions: Focuses on options as well as options on futures.
  9. @insidefutures: A resource dedicated to futures education and information.
  10. @OnlineTrading: A firm dedicated to educating the public on the world of trading.
  11. @TradersExpo: The Twitter account of an all-encompassing futures resource.
  12. @TraderKingdom: Focused on trader education to help you make the best trades.
  13. @ToddHulrman1: The Twitter account of a former commodity broker who has a firm grip on the world of futures investing.
  14. @jimbinder: Jim Binder is an extremely active Twitter user as well as a seasoned options trader.


These accounts are designed specifically for those who have a wealth of experience with futures [see also Definitive Guide To Commodity Investing].

  1. @opfmalaysia: A great resource for futures and derivatives trading.
  2. @TradersLog: A great resource for active traders as it covers futures, options, forex, and more.
  3. @ICE_Markets: The official Twitter of the Intercontinental Exchange.
  4. @CharmerCharts: Features technical analysis on forex and other futures.
  5. @HamzeiAnalytics: An aggressive options and futures trader with more than 110,000 followers.
  6. @tomandprisha: More than 35 years of futures experience lies within this account.
  7. @TheFibDoctor: This trader specializes in Fibonacci entry levels on any futures contract.
  8. @MooreResearch: A company specializing in seasonal futures-trading strategies.
  9. @stan93: An account to help guide you through your trading process.
  10. @tradingfloorcom: TradingFloor.com’s Twitter comes chock full of updates on assets of all kinds.
  11. @kjtrading: A World Cup of Futures Championship winner, Kevin Davey has plenty to offer futures traders around the Twitter-sphere.
  12. @VerticalOptions: Options and futures traders with plenty of actionable ideas for followers.
  13. @ClayTrader25: A full-time blogger and trader of stocks and options with strong technical analysis foundations.
  14. @Chicagostock: A futures trader with a premium service for those looking for actionable ideas.
  15. @optionbob: This account wins the prize for best picture but don’t let that fool you, it’s run by an expert in behavioral finance.
  16. @Market_Taker: An account that focuses on teaching investors how to use options of all kinds, including on futures contracts.
  17. @futurescoach: A professional futures trader of index and forex contracts.
  18. @mmassasin: Features actionable trades for serious investors and traders.
  19. @L2ST: Proprietary futures traders providing information on their endeavors to help educate you.


These Tweeple hone in on a particular sector or asset [see also Six Academic Papers Every Commodity Investor Must Read].

image of financial analysis
  1. @futuresoption: An account that focuses on general futures on commodities markets.
  2. @CornFutures: Tweets about commodities with a focus on agriculture.
  3. @AgsPlayers: An account wholly dedicated to agricultural commodities including their futures market.
  4. @CoryRitter: Tweets mainly about ag futures with a focus on corn and soybeans.
  5. @ESTradingSignal: A trader that focuses on equity futures.
  6. @eminitradertips: An account that, you guessed it, focuses its efforts on e-mini futures and options.
  7. @PlattsCoal: Focuses on futures trading and news surrounding the coal industry.
  8. @ScottNations: An options and futures trader who tends to focus on volatility and agriculture .
  9. @puretricktrading: Futures traders that tend to talk about e-mini contracts among others.
  10. @Eforexsignal: A great resource for forex traders and investors.
  11. @eminiplayer: A trader focused on equity e-mini futures trading.
  12. @tradingcrudeoil: An options and futures trader with efforts focused on crude oil.
  13. @CMEtrader: The account of Tres Knippa, a trader of cattle pit, oil, and corn, among other things.
  14. @VIXandMore: A well-known trader of VIX futures with a dedicated following.
  15. @JLNMetals: Focuses on financial news related to precious metal trading, futures and options.
  16. @CMEGroup: The world’s largest futures market for hard red winter wheat.
  17. @StandardGrain: The Twitter account of Joe Vaclavik, President of Standard Grain Inc.
  18. @ForexTVConnect: An account specializing in forex futures and trades.
  19. @ForexStopHunter: A trader with a tilt towards forex futures.
  20. @FXCM: A great account for those wishing to focus on forex opportunities


These accounts are personally run by their authors [see also Understanding Contango Through Natural Gas Futures].

  1. @Stockguy22: An options trader with active updates and over 50,000 followers.
  2. @TheEnergyTrader: An individual futures trader with over 14 years of experience.
  3. @TRUmav: The details of an individual futures trader.
  4. @DayTraderMatt: A day trader who focuses on futures investing.
  5. @amb5160: A professional futures trader who also publishes a monthly piece for an economic newsletter.
  6. @exceltrader: A focused trader with plenty to say to his 7,500+ followers.
  7. @jackschwager: A trader dedicated to helping you make the most of your futures experience.
  8. @shorecap: A managed futures consultant and his views on the financial world.
  9. @VictorZubarev: A trader not afraid to voice his opinions on the surrounding market.
  10. @WallStWizcom: The account of Joe Watkins, a personal trader focused on equity e-mini futures.
  11. @OptionsTrader31: A personal blog from a very experienced trader.
  12. @WannaTradeES: A futures trader with 15 years of experience in the markets.
  13. @rolcol325: A futures trader with 20 years experience as a CBOE member.
  14. @larryfooter: A full-time futures and options trader.
  15. @robbylevy: The personal account of a trader who focuses on agricultural commodities.
  16. @FuturesTNT: A trader who aims his tweets at 30-year bond futures.
  17. @JeffQuinto: A futures trader with over 37 years of experience.
  18. @fromField2Floor: A trader of CME options and futures.
  19. @iraeckstein: A registered broker on the NYMEX who tweets his personal opinions about futures markets.
  20. @WheatSpreader: A trader with plenty of experience in agricultural futures.

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