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It seems like the past few years have seen everything align in favor of gold, skyrocketing the precious metal into popularity. Now, investors all over the world are scrambling to add gold exposure to their portfolio.

It can be difficult to find the best methods for gold allocation. Luckily, there are plenty of well-versed experts around the internet to help you get a handle on the various ways you can invest in gold. Below, we outline the top 100 gold investing blogs (in no particular order) from around the web.

Most Active

These blogs are among the most active, both on this list and in the industry.

  1. King World News: The gold section of this broad-based website will keep you up to date on all of the news surrounding the yellow commodity.
  2. Gold Investing News: Hands down one of the best gold resources on the internet, featuring daily analysis on the metal.
  3. Gold Review: A news based source that features multiple updates per day and breaking news in the gold industry.
  4. 321 Gold: An extremely active website that focuses on gold news.
  5. 24 Hour Gold: Another go-to source for all things gold, including pricing, news, and analysis.
  6. ZeroHedge: One of the most popular websites, ZeroHedge often writes about gold and the surrounding industry.
  7. GoldSeek: Dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date gold news.
  8. TF Metals Report: A site focused on both gold news and analysis.
  9. USA Gold: One of the best places to get updates on your favorite precious metal.
  10. JLN Metals: Though not specifically catered to gold, a fair amount of posts are dedicated to the world’s most popular precious metal.
  11. Mineweb: A well-known financial resource that includes multiple daily posts concerning gold.
  12. Resource Investor: One of the best places to keep up with the overall financial world, including gold.
  13. Silver Gold Market News: A great resource that aims to be the best at bringing readers developing news in the precious metals world.
  14. CommodityOnline: A great site that brings you all aspects of the commodity world.
  15. The Daily Crux: A website that is jam-packed with gold news and analysis on a daily basis along with other popular financial instruments.
  16. TradingFloor.com: A massive trading website with a strong gold section.
  17. Economy Collapse Blog: An excellent resource for controversial posts covering gloomy economic forecasts as well as dollar and gold manipulation.
  18. Hard Assets Investor: Another one of the most prominent commodity sites on the web with a heavy focus on gold.


Gold Bars and Coins

The following blogs offer general gold investing insights.

  1. Calculated Risk: A great investing blog that features regular analysis on gold.
  2. Plan B Economics: A great economic resource that has a fair amount of feature posts on gold.
  3. Safe Haven: A site focused on general economics but that tends to focus on gold quite often.
  4. Investment Rarities’ Gold and Silver Blog: A regularly updated blog that is a part of Pedal to the Metals, a popular site for commodity traders focused on the metal industry.
  5. Financial Sense: An investing blog that features regular commentary on the commodity.
  6. Casey Research: A general finance website with a dedicated gold following.
  7. Armstrong Economics: An economics blog with a heavy focus on the metal.
  8. Investing in Precious Metals Blog: A blog covering all four precious metal commodities.
  9. Owning Gold: A blog that focuses on all facets of the gold world.
  10. Sprott Money Blog: This blog takes a macro view of the world economy, puting a special emphasis on global gold reserves and markets.
  11. Resource News Report: A broad-based commodity site with a nice tilt towards gold.
  12. Provident Metals Blog: This blog specializes in minted coins and rounds made of precious metals.
  13. The Trend Letter: Another broad-based economic resource that often covers gold news.
  14. Trustable Gold: This website aids investors with purchasing bullion and its blog will keep investors up with the industry.
  15. The Circle Bastiat: An Austrian economics blog that often writes about gold.
  16. The Reformed Broker: A great all-encompassing resource that often discusses gold.
  17. Learn Gold Coins: A great website for those looking to invest in physical gold coins.
  18. Gold Editor: A great blog that mixes both news and analysis on the metal.
  19. Which Way Gold: An all encompassing gold resource.
  20. Gold and Silver Blog: This site delivers news and commentary on both gold and silver.


Blogs that focus their efforts on providing you with gold news.

  1. Silver For the People: A global economic blog that includes news on precious metals such as gold.
  2. Gold Industry Today: A great blog that focuses on up-to-date news surrounding the gold industry.
  3. The Daily Reckoning: Another broad-based financial blog with plenty to say about the yellow commodity.
  4. ValueWalk: ValueWalk keeps up with global finance, including the role of gold.
  5. Gold World: A site dedicated to offering the truth on precious metals investing and the U.S. dollar.
  6. Musings on Markets: This blog offers thoughts on valuation, corporate finance, and news of the day.
  7. The Barrel: An energy blog that also touches on precious metals, showing their connection.
  8. Market Cut: A site with a section that conglomerates gold news from all around the web.
  9. Gold Money: A precious metals dealer featuring up-to-date gold news, research, and anlysis.
  10. BullionVault: A site featuring its own gold analysis, as well as syndicated articles from around the web.
  11. Whiskey and Gunpowder: A daily guide to “gold, commodities, profits, and freedom.”
  12. GoldSilver: A great place to keep up with gold news and updates.
  13. A Lightning War for Liberty: A great news blog that often writes about gold.
  14. The Daily Gold: A resource that promises superior performance through market timing and stock selection.
  15. Non-Stop Gold: A site that aims to bring you non-stop news concerning this precious commodity.
  16. International Business Times: This website has a section specifically dedicated to gold news and updates.
  17. Hedge Accordingly: A blog dedicated to hedging options for investors, including gold.


Solid Gold Bricks

Resources that provide analysis and commentary concerning the commodity.

  1. Gold Versus Paper: A fantastic resource for those looking for gold analysis on a consistent basis.
  2. GotGoldReport: Another solid blog that features news as well as analysis surrounding the commodity.
  3. Gold and Silver Blog: A straight-forward blog that focuses on analysis and news for both gold and silver.
  4. GoldSilverWorlds: A site dedicated to offering readers a better understanding of these two precious metals.
  5. The Gold Report: A site that conglomerates both news and analysis, but has a heavier focus on dissecting and analyzing the metal.
  6. Gold and Silver – The Monetary Metals: Focuses on analysis of the two precious metals.
  7. Gold Stock Bull: A site focused on gold investment strategies.
  8. Gold Survival Guide: This site’s goal is to de-mystify and simplify precious metals investing.
  9. Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee: A blog with a colorful view on gold analysis.
  10. Bullion Baron: A blog that analyzes gold and silver on a regular basis.
  11. Gold Core: The blog from Gold Core is perfect for those who take a more analytical approach to the metal.
  12. The Prudent Bear: A resource for all bear market news


The equity side of gold has a dedicated following. These blogs focus on gold mining and explorers [see also 50 Ways To Invest In Gold].

  1. Mining.com: Though it is not specifically dedicated to gold, the site will bring you plenty of news concerning the gold mining world.
  2. I Think Mining: Another great resource for all things mining.
  3. Mining Stocks Guide: A site that focuses more on the analysis of metals mining and gold equities.
  4. Accenture: A blog covering chemicals, metals, and the mining sector.
  5. Miningstocks.com: A site with a heavy tilt towards gold miners.
  6. Junior Mining Network: A blog that will be good for those looking for junior mining news and updates.
  7. MiningFacts.org: A blog on all things mining.
  8. Gold Miner Pulse: A site dedicate to all things gold mining with tons of daily updates to keep you in the know.


These sources are here to teach you about the various facets of gold investing.

  1. Smart Knowledge U: Focuses on educating readers on gold and the overall financial world.
  2. Gold Investment Guide: Dedicated to teaching you all of the ins and out of the gold industry.
  3. Gold Bullion Pro: Aims to teach you how to be a successful gold and silver investor.
  4. Mint News Blog: Dedicated to physical bullion investing in gold and silver.
  5. My Budget 360: Helping you make the best investment choices for your portfolio.
  6. Buy Silver & Gold: Focuses on teaching you how to buy gold and silver.
  7. Master Gold Traders: Dedicated to educating investors about everything they need to know about trading gold.


These accounts are personally run by their authors [see also Why Warren Buffett Hates Gold].

  1. Investment Research Dynamics: A blog written specifically for the metals.
  2. Jesse’s Café Américain: A great blog that features gold analysis with a lean on the technical side of things.
  3. Mine Set: Jim Sinclair’s blog features regular analysis on the overall gold industry.
  4. Jim Kingsland’s Financial Balderdash: A great blog that promises financial reality for those who can handle the truth.
  5. CMI Gold & Silver: A great gold and silver resource run by Bill Haynes.
  6. Gold & Silver Daily: Ed Steer’s blog aims to bring you daily updates on your two favorite metals.
  7. Gold & Silver Forecast: Bob Chapman’s thoughts and ideas on these two precious metals.
  8. Peter Schiff Blog: One of the most famous names for gold analysis and commentary.
  9. Nouriel Roubini Blog: Known for his doom-and-gloom predictions, Roubini often comments on gold and its future.
  10. Financial War Reports: A site that mainly focuses on, or features post from Max Keiser and his controversial views on the world, markets, and gold.
  11. Marc Faber Blog: Another doom and gloom expert who loves to talk about this yellow metal.
  12. Rick’s Picks: A great blog that features financial forecasting for the entire commodity world.
  13. George Soros’ Essays and Articles: A collection of works by and about the commodity legend George Soros.
  14. Jim Rogers Blog: A source dedicated to keeping you up with one of the most famous commodity investors of all time.
  15. Gold Scents: Toby Connor’s blog which features news and analysis surrounding the metal.
  16. The Gold and Oil Guy: Chris Vermeulen’s blog which features technical analysis of both the precious metal and oil.
  17. Marc to Market: The blog of financial analyst Marc Chandler who is known for his graphics and Fed analysis.
  18. Eric Sprott Blog: A blog dedicated to silver and according to the unofficial perspective of Eric Sprott.

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