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The Best and Worst Performing Commodities of 2014

Commodities took investors on another wild ride for 2014. This year was characterized by yet another bull market for U.S. equities that was accompanied by a surging greenback. The strong dollar put pressure on the entire commodity industry.

What Big Banks Are Saying About Commodities in 2015

As 2014 winds to a close, several analysts have already published their predictions for the coming year, with the vast majority seeing the U.S. take the lead in the global economic recovery. On the commodities front, 2014 has been yet another...

2 Energy Stocks to Buy on the Dip: ETE and MMP

The sharp rebound seen in the second half of October wasn’t enough to keep the bulls at bay during the month of November. Buyers remain in control on Wall Street as evidenced by the continued ascent among major equity benchmarks; the key tailwind...

Cotton Sits Near Five-Year Lows

Cotton has been among the most disappointing commodities in recent years, as it is currently the worst performing major commodity in 2014. The soft asset has been faced with major headwinds, sinking prices to five year lows. In fact, cotton has...

All Eyes On Major OPEC Meeting

Crude oil has been under the microscope for the latter half of 2014, as prices have all but cratered. Starting in late June, crude prices dropped by more than 25% as bearish momentum took over. With oil prices now sitting around $75/barrel many...

Commodity Stock in Focus: Halliburton Company (HAL)

The oil and gas industry has seen rapid growth in recent years, primarily due to new technologies such as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, as well as continued expansion in deepwater drilling. Though most investors turn to Big Oil companies like...

2 Commodity Stocks to Buy on the Dip: EPD, TRP

The bulls have managed to keep the rebound on Wall Street afloat as major indexes haven’t looking back since the lows seen on October 15th. The surprise stimulus announcement from the Bank of Japan at the end of last month has served as a tailwind...

Gold and Silver Sit at Multi-Year Lows

It is no secret that the bull run has spelled trouble for precious metals, especially the likes of silver and gold. The two flagship precious metals have been taking a hit for quite some time now, as investors continue to exit their positions in...

Commodity Stock in Focus: Monsanto Company (MON)

The agribusiness industry has long been an investor favorite on Wall Street, as these companies provide indirect exposure to some of the most popular commodities on the market. Agricultural products are best known for human consumption, although...

2 Commodity Stocks to Buy on the Dip: CF, YPF

The bears arrived on Wall Street with little warning and dragged the S&P 500 Index down almost 8% in just one month after the benchmark peaked on September 19th before finding a bottom in mid-October. Since 10/15, major equity indexes have...

Crude Oil Takes a Tumble

Crude oil prices enjoyed a strong first half of 2014, as energy had placed itself among the better performing sectors for the year. But the fossil fuel’s bullish run came to a head in June when a number of factors combined to sink its price. Along...

Grain Prices Facing Harsh Headwinds

Grains commodities are sitting at lows that have not been seen for approximately four years, creating something of a headache for commodity investors. Corn, soybeans, and wheat have all been getting hit hard this year, as production is on track to...

Commodity Stock in Focus: Emerge Energy Services (EMES)

The oil and gas industry has experienced tremendous growth in recent years, thanks in part to new technologies such as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. Big Oil companies have benefited significantly from fracking, though there are several...

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