Tips For Successful Commodity Investing

Historically, the portfolio construction process has focused on two asset classes: stocks and bonds. But in recent years investors have become increasingly interested in utilizing additional assets within their portfolios, seeking out non-traditional securities that may be capable of enhancing returns, smoothing volatility, or both. Interest in commodities in particular has surged, as investors have sought out exposure to natural resource prices as a “third asset class” to optimize traditional stock-and-bond portfolios.

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Six Influential Academic Studies Every Commodity Investor Must Read

Interest in commodities as an investable asset class has increased in recent years, as investors have been attracted to the potential for both return enhancement and reduction of volatility that commodity futures can offer. While these benefits of commodities are often highlighted by investors with exposure to natural resources or advisors suggesting an allocation for their clients, evidence for such benefits is often limited to a correlation statistic or historical returns.

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Commodity Investing: Understanding How Contango Impacts Returns

As interest in commodities as an investable asset class has increased in recent years, more and more investors have sought to educate themselves on the various ways to establish exposure to natural resources and the factors that impact prices of various investment vehicles. Many have embraced ETFs and ETNs as efficient options, gravitating towards low cost vehicles that offer low maintenance strategies and potential tax efficiencies. And while a prolonged rally in commodity markets has delighted many investors, some have expressed frustration over gaps between exchange-traded commodity products and hypothetical spot returns [see also Why Commodities Belong In Your Portfolio].

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Welcome to Commodity HQ

Welcome to CommodityHQ, a web-based resource designed for investors looking to learn more about the potential uses and risks associated with commodities as an asset class. Recognizing that commodities have the potential to add significant return enhancement and diversification benefits, while at the same time exhibiting significant risks and complexities, the team behind CommodityHQ launched this site to fill an educational void and deliver unbiased, timely, and well-researched analysis.

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