Dividend Special: Top Companies In Every Major Commodity Sector

As the years have progressed, commodity exposure has evolved from a binary factor, either you have it or you don’t, to a necessary component of every portfolio. But as markets have been continually beaten down as of late, for many investors, finding the right commodity allocation has been something of a difficult task. A number of investors have stopped looking for growth, and taken cover in value funds that pay out annual yields in a time when no returns are guaranteed [see also The Guide To The Biggest Companies In Every Major Commodity Sector].

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Three Reasons Why Gold Is Overvalued

The past few months have put gold in the spotlight, and for good reason. The metal has shot up from below $1,000 per ounce in 2009, all the way to its current levels above $1,500. As markets around the world continue to falter, gold has seen a massive amount of inflows as it has long been the popular safe haven investment. Now that the Swiss franc is pegged to the euro, many consider gold to be the last remaining safe haven, as the once strong franc will now be dictated by the movements of the drowning euro. But with gold seeing its price nearly triple in the last several years, many investors are formulating strong opinions as to whether or not the precious metal is overvalued and due for a huge correction in the near term [for more gold news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter].

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Powerhouse Producers: Cocoa, Platinum, Rare Earth Metals

When it comes to investing in commodities, there are a number of factors to consider. Investors research everything from how the commodities are used down to the nuts and bolts of how specific futures trade. While there are a number of things to keep in mind when making a commodity allocation, the production side of the equation is perhaps the most important. A number of popular commodities are produced or mined in very specific areas of the world, as certain geological or climate conditions yield vastly different results [see also Top Seven Strangest Commodity Futures].

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Three Ways To Play $2,000 Gold

Stocks were slaughtered fresh out of Labor Day weekend, as renewed fears of the euro-zone’s debt crisis dragged equities across the board. While the U.S. enjoyed a holiday-extended weekend, Europe was not so lucky; a massive sell-off on Monday propelled the Stoxx 600 Europe index to losses of 4.1% as many fear that the worsening debt issues in numerous European countries will put an anchor on the global economy. U.S. investors digested Monday’s international performance and quickly sold out upon Tuesday’s opening bell. Along with worries over the future of the euro-zone, the U.S. jobs report last week did little to boost confidence in our sluggish recovery efforts [see also Top Seven Strangest Commodity Futures].

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Top Seven Strangest Commodity Futures

Commodity futures have been a popular destination for active traders over the years. These contracts allow for short term positions that can offer high risk/reward potentials that a number of investors seek. For the most part, these are not meant for the laissez-faire investors, as holding a futures contract until maturity will result in the delivery of the underlying commodity; very few people want bales of cotton or wheat showing up on their doorstep. In fact, these contracts can be rather tricky, leaving them only for the most experienced and knowledgeable traders who fully understand the risks of owning a complicated futures account as well as moving in and out of these positions [see also The Guide To The Biggest Companies In Every Major Commodity Sector].

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Major Countries Burn Up Crude Reserves: Big Oil In Trouble?

It is something that peak oil advocates have been warning us for a long time; our world using up our last reserves of oil. While the day that the last drip of crude is burned up is a long ways out, some parts of the world may be heading for a major pinch in production. As our world population continues to expand, with the total predicted to hit nine billion by 2050, our addiction to crude only increases, as we use oil for a wide number of things in our daily lives. Besides its most dominant use as a fuel for automobiles and the like, oil is also used in a number of other processes like the production of plastics and variety of other industrial outputs [see also Ultimate Guide To RBOB Gasoline Investing].

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