Introducing Our New Commodity Trading Center And Dictionary is excited to announce the introduction of an expanded and improved suite of resources for investors interested in all things commodity. Our brand new “Commodity ETF and Futures Trading Center” and “Glossary of Terms” are now available for all users to access. These two new resources will help investors of all kinds sift their way through the vast world of commodities and keep them up to date on all of their favorite investments.

Trading Center

This brand new addition to CommodityHQ is focused on active traders who measure their holdings periods in minutes and hours rather than weeks and months. Futures investing is an integral part of the commodity investing field, as such, this Trading Center will be constantly updated to offer up-to-date and accurate information to help traders find the best investments for their strategies. The Trading Center will feature a number of powerful attributes:

  • Trading Exchanges: This section outlines a number of popular exchanges from all over the world to educate investors on what kinds of commodities are traded on different exchanges and locations.
  • Contract Specifications: With such a wide range of futures available, this section will be particularly useful as it outlines a number of contracts, how their prices are quoted, and the size that each contract represents.
  • Commodity Exchange Traded Products: ETFs are an increasingly popular way to gain commodity access. This section outlines the top ten ETFs by assets and by volume. The charts are updated on a monthly basis.
  • Most Traded Contracts: This section, updated on a monthly basis, lists the five commodities from the CME Group with the heaviest volumes.


This new tool is an all-encompassing glossary of terms to help investors gain a better grasp on some of the language and nuances associated with the commodity world. The glossary of terms features 50+ definitions to some of the field’s most important words and will be adding more in the future.

The Future

At CommodityHQ we are dedicated to offering you the best resources and content to aid your commodity research and investing. We have a number of exiting resources and enhancements planned for the future so please remember to check back frequently as our site becomes one of the most powerful tools for your commodity investing. Below, feel free to leave any feedback or comments on tools you would like to see us develop or enhance, we are always open to suggestions!

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