Top 25 Commodity Tweeples Worth A Follow On Twitter

Interest in commodities has skyrocketed in recent years, thanks no doubt in part to the impressive performances turned in by various natural resources. The last several months have highlighted the potential for this asset class to enhance returns of a portfolio, while heaps of academic evidence has suggested that commodities are capable of bringing valuable diversification benefits when added to stock-and-bond portfolios.

Along with the tremendous potential of commodities comes significant risk, and plenty of opportunities to step into a pit that leads to undesirable investment outcomes. For those interested in accessing commodities, the learning curve is steep; there are countless nuances specific to commodities that must be fully understood in order to employ an effective strategy. There are numerous types of commodities which are usually broken down into a few distinct categories; precious metals, industrial metals, agricultural products, energy, and rare earth/strategic metals. The performance drivers and risk factors of these various commodities are diverse, just as are the returns delivered [see also Company Spotlight: Barrick Gold Corporation (ABX)].

For those seeking to expand their knowledge of commodities and remain aware of investment opportunities, there is no shortage of knowledgeable resources. Some of the best information on commodity markets comes in 140 characters or less, as dozens of commodity gurus have embraced Twitter as a means of sharing news, actionable investment ideas, and noteworthy articles and educational resources. Some of the twenty-five Tweeples profiled below focus on a broad range of financial vehicles, while others have expertise in a specific resource or investment vehicle.

The twenty-five Commodity Tweeples listed below are in alphabetical order after the “@” sign. This method assures readers that we don’t favor one person or institution over another. Let us know in the comments below if there’s a good resource out there we may have missed (and sign up for the free commodityHQ newsletter for more insights and educational content):

  1. @Agrimoney: The Twitter arm of, AM tracks stories that impact the agricultural commodity markets with a focus on grains and softs.
  2. @APMEX: The twitter feed of one of the most popular precious metal dealers on the web. Offers daily updates of the PM markets and twitter exclusive coupons as well.
  3. @CMEGroup: Arguably the most important commodity exchange in the world, follow this company for news from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
  4. @Commodity_Info: This feed provides information straight from the trading floor in Chicago, offering investors a life look at the markets.
  5. @CommodityHQ: Follow CommodityHQ for information regarding a wide range of commodities from grains and softs to precious and industrial metals.
  6. @Dave Norris: Dave Norris tracks the grain markets for investors with a focus on the wheat and corn sectors.
  7. @DigGold: This Canada-based firm provides commentary on the gold market with a special focus on junior miners and producers.
  8. @DoctorCopper: Dr. Copper specializes in physical red metal investment while also giving investors commentary on the copper commodity market.
  9. @EuropeanGrain: For investors seeking a European-tilt in their commodity news, this could be a good follow.
  10. @FuturesMagazine: News, analysis, and strategies for the futures market. Could be great for those seeking technical trading ideas.
  11. @Gasmarkets: For investors interested in the often-volatile market of natural gas, this firm could be worth a follow. The company also researches the LNG and LPG markets as well.
  12. @GoldCoinPro: Follow this feed for news from Kevin Demeritt, the President of Lear Capital a leader in precious metal investing, with a heavy focus on the gold market.
  13. @HAInvestor: The twitter arm of the popular website, this will keep you up-to-date on a wide range of commodities.
  14. @JLNMetals: This company tracks the metals market ranging from gold and silver down to industrial metals as well.
  15. @Minesitenews: Offers investors news and commentary regarding mining firms around the world in a number of industries.
  16. @Miningnews: For investors seeking up-to-date news on the mining industry, this may be a good place to start. The feed highlights M&A activity, earnings reports as well as breaking news in the industry.
  17. @NaturalEnergyHQ: This feed tracks everything about the alternative energy sector with a particular focus on solar and wind power.
  18. @OilandEnergy: For investors seeking live coverage of the oil and alternative energy markets, this Twitter arm of could be worth a follow.
  19. @RareEarthNews: Provides investors with news stories about the rare earth metal industry.
  20. @Risk_Manager_NY: This veteran trader comments on some of his recent trades in the futures market.
  21. @SilverNews: This organization could be a great follow for investors seeking up-to-the-minute news on the silver industry.
  22. @SolarEnergyNews: This company tracks the solar energy industry with a special focus on breaking news and political developments for the alternative energy industry as a whole.
  23. @TheOilDrum: The Twitter feed of this non-profit blog looks at the broad energy sector with a focus on the oil and gas markets.
  24. @wsj: This is the Twitter version of the world-famous Wall Street Journal. A must follow for any serious investor.
  25. @W_Nuclear_News: For investors seeking news on the nuclear power and uranium industries this could be a great follow.

Found another commodity resource worth following? Let us know below!

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