Five Must-Read Blogs For Sugar Traders and Investors

Sugar futures are among the most popular commodities for active traders due to their relatively high volumes and enticing volatility. Though the latter fact can leave you on the receiving end of a very sour trade, it also has the potential to make a fair amount of profits for you and your portfolio. For those interested in diving into the world of sugar futures, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered on a daily basis. The most powerful thing a trader can do is to educate themselves and stay up to date with the happenings in the commodity world. Below, we outline five blogs that will be instrumental to helping you make the most informed trades on this soft commodity [see also Ultimate Guide To Sugar Investing].

  1. T&K Futures and Options Inc: This site features commentary on a number of commodities, but it keeps an up-to-date news section specifically designed for sugar. On Friday of every week, T&K writes a quick blurb on sugar’s movements and why the sweet commodity behaved the way it did. They also have a free sugar trading guide for anyone who signs up for their email list. Also, the site allows one to open a “practice” trading account in which you can test your theories with fake money before moving into the real thing. Great post from T&K here.
  2. Futures-Trading-Infonet: Another broad-based commodity website, Futures Trading offers a blog on a number of your favorite commodity contracts. Along with hard assets like gold and some of the most popular currencies in the world, this blog regularly posts about sugar. It is very focused on the technical analysis side of things and often features charts to help illustrate the trends and developments on which they are commenting. Great article: Sugar Futures update.
  3. Seery Futures: This website, which also acts as a brokerage for those wishing to open an account, features regular commentary on soft commodities. As such, sugar headlines often make their way into the blog, giving traders a good outline of how the volatile commodity is behaving. Note that this blog would also be an ideal candidate for a the other soft commodities like coffee, cocoa, and cotton. Great article: Sugar Futures Higher 2nd Day In A Row.
  4. Jim Rogers Blog: Is there a bigger name in the commodity/agricultural world? Jim Rogers has been one of the most influential commodity investors over the past few decades as he has proven time and time again that these investment tools can provide handsome returns for those who properly use them. As far as sugar is concerned, Rogers rarely focuses on just one commodity at a time, but he does provide frequent commentary on the agricultural world and trends developing on the supply side of this commodity. Great post from Rogers: Investors See The US Dollar As A Safe Heaven.
  5. BRIC Breaker: This cleverly named blog, written by Kenneth Rapoza and hosted on Forbes, features daily commentary on all things emerging markets, with a special focus on the BRIC nations. While this may seem a bit far fetched for sugar futures, it is important to keep in mind that Brazil, India, and China are the three largest sugar cane producers in the world, while Russia is the second largest sugar beet producer. As with all commodities, traders need to look at price drivers beyond just charts and analysis, as developing trends in these powerhouse economies will greatly impact sugar trades. Great article: When Flight To Safety Is Risky.

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