Five Essential ETF Resources for Commodity Investors

Commodity ETFs democratized an asset class that was once difficult to access for retail investors. Now, the average Joe can add exposure to anything from coffee futures to physical gold with a simple fund. As this investing niche continues to rise, it is important to keep up with ETFs as well as fully understand all of their nuances. Below, we outline five free tools and guides offered by our sister site ETF Database, to help investors of all levels make the correct allocation to the exchange traded product that is right for them [for more commodity ETF news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter].

  1. ETFdb Screener: This tool allows you to quickly navigate the world of nearly 1,500 ETFs. Users have the option of segmenting the commodity ETF universe based on multiple factors like YTD performance, AUM, and exposure to which commodities. Whether you are trying to find which funds invest in coffee futures, or the cheapest option for gold investing, this free tool is a great option.
  2. ETF Analyzer: Another free tool, the analyzer allows comparisons of potential commodity ETF investments on a wide range of criteria, including expenses, performance, dividend yield, and volatility.
  3. ETFs Head-To-Head Tool: This resource allows you to take any two commodity ETFs in the space and put them head to head to compare which of the two is right for you. This will allow you to look at expenses, performance, and diversity of holdings all at once, making it much easier for you to pick the best product for your investment objectives.
  4. Special Report: In Search Of The Best Commodity ETF: This free report is one of the most all-encompassing resources out there, as it dives into the world of broad-based commodity products. The contents include an in-depth view of all broad-based commodity ETPs as well as general education on funds that track commodities as well as demonstrations of the impact of the ever-dreaded contango.
  5. Commodity ETF List: This page conglomerates all commodity ETFs in the space into one place, where investors can sort funds based on dozens of technical and fundamental factors. If you are new to the world of commodity ETPs, this is definitely the place for you to start.

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