Five Must-Read Blogs for Coffee Traders and Investors

When most people think about coffee, their morning caffeine fix comes to mind, but this commodity also has a large presence in the financial world. As a soft commodity, coffee is a popular trading instrument, as it features strong liquidity and volatile daily movements. The majority of the world’s coffee supply comes from Brazil, though other nations like Vietnam and Colombia also have a large output. From a consumption standpoint, the list is dominated by developed markets like Finland, Norway, and Iceland (on a per capita basis) with the U.S. not making an appearance until number 26 on the list. For those looking to stay up to date on coffee futures and the commodity’s overall environment, we outline five blogs to help give you a leg up on this hard asset [see also Invest Like Jim Rogers With These Three Agriculture Stocks].

  1. Infinity Trading: This blog, though it features commentary on a number of commodities, has a special section dedicated to coffee futures and is quick to make a comment anytime something big is shaking up the industry. Great article: Coffee Falls to 21-Month Low in N.Y..
  2. Futures Blogs: This website is another good resource for general information on all different kinds of commodities, but they are also sure to keep a close eye on the coffee industry. Though the posts on this commodity are not a daily occurrence, you can be sure that anytime there is significant news regarding coffee, Futures Blogs will cover it. Great article: Coffee Bear Market Cools as Prices Consolidate.
  3. T&K Futures and Options: This site features commentary on a number of commodities, but it keeps an up-to-date news section specifically designed for coffee. On Friday of every week, T&K writes a quick blurb on coffee’s movements and why the commodity behaved the way it did. They also have a free coffee trading guide for anyone who signs up for their email list. Also, the site allows one to open a “practice” trading account in which you can test your theories with fake money before moving into the real thing. See a typical post from T&K here.
  4. Trading Charts: This one is geared towards serious traders who are constantly shopping around for news and technical analysis regarding the commodity. Trading Charts conglomerates a series of coffee headlines from around the web into one source, with dozens of coffee stories posted each day. Great article: World Coffee Exports In April -12% On Year At 8.77M Bags.
  5. Shot Zombies: Because coffee is such a popular consumer product, there are literally hundreds of blogs dedicated to people’s addictions and affections for the commodity. This blog is specifically designed to compile news stories regarding coffee. Though some of the stories will simply be for fun, others can offer compelling news that can have a deep impact on your trades and positions. Great article: New Yorkers Drink 6.7x More Coffee Than Other Cities.

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  1. Jessica says:

     Coffee is no doubt the most common and favourite beverage of the world. Started first by Brazil, this grain has now become popular through out the world. It has now become an important par of trading as well.
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  2. Georgia Teacoffee says:

    nice and very easy to understand please keep sharing this type of post

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