Five Must-Read Blogs for Copper Traders and Investors

Copper is arguably the most popular industrial metal as it appears in a number of products that we need to get through our every day lives. From a financial standpoint, many investors and traders like to made copper allocations to make speculative plays on the construction/industrial sector as well as the health of overall markets. Copper has its place in the practical world as a mainstay element, but in the financial world it is among the most popular commodities out there. For those looking to stay up to date on copper futures and the commodity’s overall environment, we outline five blogs to help give you a leg up on this hard asset [see also Warning: Ignore Bill Gross’ Hard Money Prediction At Your Own Risk].

  1. Copper Updates: Traders rejoice, this blog is heavily focused on pricing and futures contracts for copper. Those looking to keep up with global markets will enjoy the multiple posts per day concerning the movement of various kinds of copper futures.
  2. Coppertalk: This blog focuses more on the overall industrial sector rather than on copper futures and trading. Still, its consistent news updates will help keep traders in-the-know on developing trends in the copper market. Great article: The Future of America and the Copper Industry.
  3. Metal Bulletin: While not a copper-specific blog, Metal Bulletin is a great resource for traders and investors alike, as a number of its articles feature the reddish-brown metal. Great article: Copper prices wobble in LME officials after Chinese, ECB rate action.
  4. Mineweb: Another broad-based metals website, Mineweb offers a wide variety of resources on all things copper. Investors can keep up with the metal via news stories, a comprehensive companies/data list, and even a podcast for those who prefer audio information. Great article: Copper firm ahead of ECB rate cut decision.
  5. T&K Futures and Options:This site features commentary on a number of commodities, but it keeps a thorough section exclusively for copper and its traders. Also, the site allows one to open a “practice” trading account in which you can test your theories with fake money before moving into the real thing (this includes copper trading). See a typical post here.

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