Introducing Our New Heatmap Page

CommodityHQ is excited to announce the introduction of our new heatmap tool. This new feature is 100% free and will allow investors to segment the commodity space to see which assets are underperforming as well as those that are ahead of the pack. Because the commodity world can be extremely volatile, it is often difficult to find an asset that has been consistently outperforming, or ones that are constant laggards. This new feature will erase that issue and is designed specifically with investors in mind.

The tool utilizes exchange traded products to represent commodities and their respective performances. Currently, our Broad Commodities Heatmap is available, along with several other major sectors, and we will be rolling out more targeted heatmaps in the future to help investors slice and dice the commodity space. Newer heatmaps may also feature the use of physically-backed products, but each individual heatmap will either utilize a futures of physical methodology, never both.

The tool shows the performance of various ETFs over historical time periods, with data updated on a daily basis. Winners and losers are determined on a vertical perspective, keeping the comparative performances of the products relative to one time period. Therefore, a fund that has the highest 3-year return, may have the lowest 1-year return, and its respective color will reflect that.

As we look to the future, CommodityHQ plans to roll out more tools and resources to help educate traders and investors on the wild assets that are commodities. For now, enjoy the free Heatmap Tool and happy trading!

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Disclosure: No positions at time of writing.

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