Seven Coffee Traders Worth Following on Twitter

Keeping track of the movements of coffee futures can be a tall ordeal. As a soft commodity, coffee is well known for its volatility that sucks a number of traders in. While constantly monitoring blogs and market movements is a useful technique, utilizing the power of Twitter can also be powerful tool in your investing arsenal. Though its professional benefits are often overlooked, following the right people on Twitter can give you up to the minute information on how coffee is behaving and any trends the commodity is exhibiting. Below, we outline seven must-follow coffee Tweeple to ensure you have the best information at your fingertips [see also Warning: Ignore Bill Gross’ Hard Money Prediction At Your Own Risk].

  1. @coffeetweet: This handle features a healthy mix of news about the actual commodity itself (prices, trends, etc) as well as the overall industry for coffee. With over 73,000 followers, coffeetweet has established itself as one of the most popular accounts for the caffeinated commodity.
  2. @coffeeprimenews: Coffee News has a relatively low following base, but deserves a much high representation. This account focuses specifically on the commodity of coffee with multiple tweets per day on all things coffee. An absolute must-follow for you coffee junkies out there [see also The Ten Commandments of Commodity Investing].
  3. @foodcommodity: This account is run by the American Restaurant Association and features daily news on food commodities. While it does not focus specifically on coffee itself, it frequently posts about the commodity as well as a number of others to help keep its 1,000+ followers constantly in the loop.
  4. @cmegroup: This will be a very broad-based follow due to the nature of the CME Group, but it will still be essential for anyone looking for coffee news. This institution has over 750,000 followers and usually tweets once per hour if not more.
  5. @agrimoney: This Twitter will focus more on the supply side of coffee, as it provides up-to-date commentary on the global farming industry. Pay special attention to tweets involving BRIC nations, as it will likely have a big impact on coffee futures [see also The Ultimate Guide To Coffee Investing].
  6. @seeryfutures: Also featured as one of our best blogs for coffee futures, Seery futures has a heavy commodity focus, especially on the softs. As far as activity is concerned, Seery tweets anywhere between 20 and 50 times per day depending on trends they see developing in certain commodities.
  7. @commodityhq: Last but not least, don’t forget to follow CommodityHQ for all of the most relevant commodity news and commentary. Our focus will certainly expand beyond coffee, but given the high activity of this commodity, you can be sure to receive frequent updates about sugar futures from our Twitter account [see also Inflation ETF Special: 25 ETF Ideas To Fight Rising Prices].

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Disclosure: No positions at time of writing.

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