Seven Must-Read Blogs for Silver Traders and Investors

Silver has been an important metal for thousands of years, often used as a medium of exchange or jewelry in ancient times. The mineral was traditionally mined alongside copper and lead deposits across the Near East and the Mediterranean around the height of the Roman Empire. Today, silver still finds its way into jewelry and coins but it has also found its way into a number of more ‘modern’ applications as well. As such, it should come as no surprise to see silver as an extremely popular financial instrument through out the commodity space.  For those looking to stay up to date on copper futures and the commodity’s overall environment, we outline seven blogs to help give you a leg up on this hard asset [see also 25 Ways To Invest In Silver].

  1. Silver Investing News: This blog is geared towards traders looking to stay up to date on silver as well as those looking for tips and tricks on trading the commodity. Great article: Silver ETP Investments—A Tale of Two Quarters.
  2. Silver Strategies: The site may be a bit overwhelming upon first glance, but a closer look will reveal one of the best and most comprehensive resources currently available for silver traders and investors. Complete with news, data, and live charts, this will undoubtedly be a go-to for traders and investors everywhere.
  3. Silver Today: This site is an extensive resource for all things silver including a history of the metal, silver stocks, physical silver, and research to help you make the most savvy trades possible. Great article: Is There the Potential for $100/oz Silver in 2017?.
  4. Silver Investor Blog: This blog focuses on both investing in the metal as well as news and current affairs surrounding the commodity. Great article: Latest EU Bailout Plan Spurs Silver.
  5. Gold and Silver Blog: A straight-forward blog that focuses on analysis and news for both gold and silver. Great article: Precious Metals Storage – Everything You Need To Know But Probably Don’t.
  6. Pedal to the Medals: This cleverly-named blog is tailored to traders and those who choose to invest in silver and gold stocks and securities. Great article: Metals Not Pricing in QE Like Stocks Are.
  7. Inflation-Proof Investor: This blog features a wide net focus on inflation fighting assets but has a nice feature section for both silver and gold.

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2 Responses to “Seven Must-Read Blogs for Silver Traders and Investors”

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  2. Martin says:

    I love the recent quote from silver expert David Morgan: “The rush into gold is basically nation states, but the rush into silver is basically ‘the people,’ and it’s not just ‘the people’ of the U.S. it is ‘the people’ of the world. There will be a rush into gold and then silver like you have never seen before. This will be a global phenomenon. It wasn’t in 1979, this time it will be. You will either have it or you don’t.”

    I suppose that when the rush begins, these silver blogs will be a great resource for lot’s of good people.

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