The 5 Best CommodityHQ Stories From 2012

As commodity investing has grown in both popularity as well as investment options over the years, advisors and traders alike have relied on education to keep up with the fast-paced industry. At CommodityHQ, our goal is to provide investors of all kinds with valuable analysis and information on global commodity markets to help you make smarter decisions with your assets. Below, we outline five of the best stories from CommodityHQ this year to help investors make sense of a hectic 2012 [for more commodity news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter]:

1. The Ten Commandments of Commodity Investing

Commodities have obvious appeal to investors looking to generate profits from short-term price movements as well as those wanting to bring both diversification and return enhancement to traditional stock-and-bond portfolios. Of course, along with those potentially appealing attributes comes plenty of risk. In this article, we outline ten rules of thumb that will help you achieve a more successful experience investing in commodity markets.

2. What Can 1 Ounce Of Gold Buy?Commodity Investing

Gold investing has become one of the most popular facets of the commodity world in the past few years. One of the biggest limiting factors in gold investment, however, is the sheer price of the metal; at roughly $1,700/oz. it can be quite expensive to own a substantial of the commodity. This article shows you all of the things that an ounce of gold could buy should you ever decide to cash in your holdings (pictures included!).

3. 25 Things Every Financial Advisor Should Know About Commodities

The rapid development of the way we use commodities has certainly provided some lucrative opportunities for those investors willing to stomach the risk. But as these assets have become more widely available, so too has the confusion on how to properly use them for clients without getting burned. In this article, we highlight a number of basics that can enhance overall understanding, identify opportunities and limitations, and generally promote a better experience with these hard assets.

4. Doomsday Special: 7 Hard Asset Investments You Can Hold in Your Hand

Whether your an adamant “doomsday” enthusiast or just an average investor, no one can argue the appeal of being able to literally hold hard assets in your hands. And since few things can withstand the test of time, and perhaps even fewer will be able to retain their monetary worth in today’s unprecedented economic landscape, hard assets may be even more appealing as they have the potential to preserve capital as well as appreciate in times of uncertainty and, often, inflationary periods. In this article, we outline seven hard assets that have historically demonstrated lucrative returns.

5. Top 100 Futures Trading Blogs

Futures investing was the original means of establishing exposure to commodities, and now it is used by anyone with an account, allowing a number of active traders to open positions in their favorite hard assets. But keeping up with the ins and outs of the futures world can be a tall order. This article aims to give investors a leg up on these trading vehicles by outlining the top 100 futures blogs from around the web.

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