Monsanto (MON) Beats Wall Street Earnings Estimates

When it comes to agribusiness stocks, there is perhaps no name bigger than Monsanto Company (MON) – the world’s leading producer of the herbicide glyphosate and the second biggest producer of genetically engineered seeds. Headquartered in St. Louis, the firm has grown into an over $55 billion company, with operations spanning across the U.S., Europe, Africa, Brazil, Asia-Pacific, Argentina, Canada and Mexico [for more agricultural news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter].

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Freeport-McMoRan (FCX) Nears Major Support Level

The bull train is surging full steam ahead on Wall Street with the S&P 500 Index reaching five-year highs while the Dow Jones Industrial Average continues its ascent into uncharted territory. Investors have had few reasons to take profits over the past week with Cyprus debt drama slowly fading away while economic data releases continue to support a bullish case; this week alone construction spending and factory orders data figures have trumped expectations, while key employment data is on tap for this Friday [for more market news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter].

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A Visualization Of U.S. Crude Oil Consumption

The U.S. has long dominated crude oil consumption around the world, as the insatiable need for the fossil fuel has long powered the economy. According to EIA estimates, the U.S. gobbles up around 18.9 million barrels of oil each day, or about 7 billion per year, the highest such figures in the world. While the nation may be close to supporting itself in terms of domestic oil production, it still will not change the fact that the U.S. relies more heavily on crude than any other country in the world [for more oil news subscribe to our free newsletter].

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Bernanke Announces Return To Gold Standard

For years, investors and analysts have heavily criticized the actions of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. Bernanke has earned himself a slew of nicknames for his money printing, with the most popular being “Helicopter Ben.” After studying the Great Depression for many years, Bernanke felt that the reason the U.S. slipped into such a rough patch was because of the lack of money supply in the economy. This is one of the main reasons that he has maintained his quantitative easing programs that have involved exorbitant money printing.

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