Commodity HQ is a leading provider of news, analysis, and commentary on commodities, and the Commodity HQ audience represents a valuable demographic for companies looking to show off their financial products.

The hyper-targeted nature of Commodity HQ allows advertisers to appeal to an audience that is sophisticated, actively investing, and interested in commodities as an asset class. The diverse readership base includes institutional investors, financial advisors, and individual investors–both those with a long-term, buy-and-hold focus and more active traders.

The majority of traffic to Commodity HQ comes from e-mail subscribers, search engine visitors, and links from other financial media. Visitors are largely affluent, educated, and web savvy.

Advertising Opportunities is a property of Mitre Media, which operates a suite of targeted online financial media properties including and Our mission is to deliver world-class, targeted financial content and tools for highly engaged users seeking actionable information in the most consumable form possible.

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