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From Boston to Bangkok, Edmund is a expatriate entreprenuer and alternative investor in emerging economies. With a degree from Northeastern University, he is a lifelong student of the school of Austrian economics. His strategic system of internationalization of your self and your wealth can be found on FlagTheory.com

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GDX vs. GLD: How They’ve Performed So Far in 2012

As interest in gold continues to rise, investors are faced with the always-lingering question of how to gain access to their favorite precious metal. Some prefer to use products that actually invest in the commodity, while others prefer to make a play on the production side of the asset. Below, we outline two popular ETFs that have a different take on gold, and which one may best fit your investment objectives [for more gold news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter]. 

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Analyzing 5 High Yielding MLP Stocks

When you send your money out into the world, you want to be reasonably assured it can come home whenever it wants, hopefully grown up and enriched by the world. However, finding a steady return on investment in today’s financial markets is no easy task. As the fiscal cliff approaches, China is poised for a hard landing, Ben Bernanke hints at QE3, and Greece gets the boot from the Euro, credit is tightening and it’s easy to feel hesitant about sending your money off into volatility.

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5 Commodity Stocks Worth a Closer Look

In 2012, market volatility is par for the course for any serious investor. The struggle for consistent growth and return on investments is one being waged in all markets across the world; however, income investors remain wary of commodities as a source for positive value. Conservative investors quick point to the prospect for volatility that exists when adding commodity stocks to their portfolios may be missing out on the growth that exists in their dividend potential. Through selective research and investing, commodity stocks are a solid approach to generating higher returns in, while simultaneously increasing the stability of, your portfolio [for more commodity news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter].

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