Yolander Prinzel

Yolander Prinzel is a financial writer with over a decade of financial industry experience as an underwriter, insurance agent, licensed broker and agency director of marketing. She has written for a number of publications and websites such as Covestor.com, American Express, Advisor Today, Money Smart Radio and the International Travel Insurance Journal (ITIJ).

Posts By Yolander

5 Legendary Commodity Investors

There was a time when commodities trading was only for the most sophisticated of investors. Whether it’s gold, oil, agricultural products or just a commodity index-based ETF, the world of raw materials trading has expanded tremendously in the past 10 years and is now accessible to the everyday trader. In fact, in September 2012, The Financial Times wrote about the popularity of commodities investing in pension funds of schools and municipal retirement associations [for more commodity news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter].

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