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Calder H Lamb is an experienced business and finance writer and editor whose expertise stems from working at a fortune 100 Company and writing for notable news outlets such as, and

Recent Content By Calder Lamb
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Commodities Trading

The Oil Supply Mystery

Oil prices sank to six-year lows in August as a supply overhang grew and concern deepened over...

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Leveraged Commodities Investing

The Best Commodity Investment Tool: ETFs vs. Futures

The world’s largest commodity ETF, DBC, has fallen 18.4% YTD and at $15.04 per share, is now...

Id 10087702

Inflation is Coming: Three Historically Proven Ways to Profit

The Federal Reserve stated that their major reason for not raising the federal funds rate at...

Id 100270701

Global Weakness and Commodity Trends Continue as Fed Chooses Not to Raise Rates

The Federal Reserve decided not to raise the federal funds rate during its September 17 meeting,...

Id 10059130

Commodities, China and Black Monday: How Commodity ETFs Buckled under the Chinese Economic Slowdown

On August 24, 2015, also known as “Black Monday”, commodity prices fell because of ...

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