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Tanmoy is a senior consultant in the area of Wealth management and also a passionate angel investor for small businesses (current investments in E-Commerce, Food, Education and Software). He has a dual MBA (Finance & Marketing) and an Electronics Engineering degree. He is passionate about capital markets, music, startups, politics, sports, philosophy and movies.

Recent Content By Tanmoy Roy
Commodities Trading

What You Need to Know About the Most Heavily Traded Commodities

If you invested equal amounts in commodities, bonds and stock markets for 100 years, the stocks...

Commodities Trading

Why It Makes Sense to Invest in Renewable Energy Right Now

On December 12, 2015, ministers (and their teams) from 196 countries sat crammed together in a...


From an OPEC Economy to a Market Economy

There is a supply glut in crude oil. Oil prices have been in freefall, and yet, OPEC doesn’t seem...

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Commodities Trading

The Relationship Between Commodities and the Dollar

You can buy commodities with money (yes, obviously). Commodity prices (or any asset for that...

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Why Is Everyone Talking About the Commodities Supercycle?

If you have been reading about commodities, chances are you read about a supercycle. Every major...

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Commodities Trading

Are We Being Too Pessimistic About Commodities?

It is not new news that the commodity prices have been under pressure for the last year and a...

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Commodities Trading

What Does a "Warm Winter" Mean for Your Portfolio?

Weather and investment strategies are closely related. This becomes especially true if you are...

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Short or Inverse Commodities Investing

How to Profit from Decreased Demand in Commodities

S&P GSCI, one of the world’s most followed commodity benchmarks, is down by 41% over the last...

Id 100277082
Short or Inverse Commodities Investing

How Inverse Commodity ETFs Work

ETFs are designed to behave like an index or a group of securities. That means they move the way...

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Short or Inverse Commodities Investing

Trading Strategies Using Inverse Commodities ETFs

Broad market corrections are bound to happen. As such, it’s important to set up your portfolio in...

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Leveraged Commodities Investing

Leveraged Commodity ETFs: A Way to Diversify Your Portfolio

The S&P GSCI is a widely tracked commodity index that comprises commodities ranging from...

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