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Alternative energy has been a hot topic in recent years, as it has been heavily debated in both the political and investing world. Some feel that America’s energy independence relies on the expanded use of alternative sources, while others disagree with that sentiment. Either way, alternative energy investing has surged in popularity in recent years as many have added long term exposure to their portfolios in hopes of this asset class growing as a whole. But investing in green energy can be a tall order, as there are numerous companies that offer dozens of different clean energy solutions [for more alternative energy news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter]. 

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25 Ways To Invest In Alternative Energy

Alternative energy investing has surged in popularity in recent years as our world has felt the effects of basing the majority of our economy off of a finite resource. Though crude oil and other fossil fuels will last us for the foreseeable future, there will come a time when our energy consumption will have to look to alternative, renewable resources. The investment thesis behind any of the several alternative energies can be thought of as a play against crude oil, or as one of a natural evolution that we will have to face sooner or later. The timeline for our fossil fuel addiction running dry varies across the board, but it is generally accepted that this issue won’t come to fruition anytime soon [see also Major Countries Burn Up Crude Reserves: Big Oil In Trouble?].

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Welcome to Commodity HQ

Welcome to CommodityHQ, a web-based resource designed for investors looking to learn more about the potential uses and risks associated with commodities as an asset class. Recognizing that commodities have the potential to add significant return enhancement and diversification benefits, while at the same time exhibiting significant risks and complexities, the team behind CommodityHQ launched this site to fill an educational void and deliver unbiased, timely, and well-researched analysis.

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