What South Africa Means To The Platinum Market

Platinum generally receives less attention from investors than other precious metals, but it is rarer than gold or silver. The metal’s physical characteristics have made it important for a wide variety of industrial applications. Its resistance to corrosion, for example, makes it ideal for use in automobile catalytic converters. This use alone accounts for about 50% of its usage. In addition, it used in electronics and fuel cells. The petroleum industry uses it in the cracking process in oil refineries. And of course, platinum is used extensively in jewelry [for more platinum news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter].

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Which Platinum ETF Is Right For You? PPLT vs. PTM vs. PGM

Although not as popular as its precious metal competitors gold and silver, platinum has surely made a name for itself in the investing world. This rare metal is one of the most expensive exchange-traded metals on the market and has been catching investors’ interests thanks to its wide variety of uses. Platinum is best known for its use in the automobile industry: half of the supply of platinum goes towards creating emission control devices for automobiles [for more platinum news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter].

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How to Build a Futures Free Commodity Portfolio

For commodity traders, futures contracts and futures-based products are usually the go-to financial instruments for gaining exposure to your favorite hard assets. While futures investing may be appealing, there are many serious drawbacks and costly nuances to this strategy that can impact bottom-line returns. And without fully understanding how futures work and without being able to frequently monitor a trade, futures positions can quickly turn sour. For those who wish to avoid futures, we outline an all ETF portfolio that is designed to provide well-rounded exposure across all of the major commodities completely devoid of these contracts [for more commodity news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter].

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Checking in On Precious Metals ETFs in 2012

Precious metals have been a hot commodity in recent years, as a number of investors have lost their faith in standard equities and fixed income securities. By far, the most popular allocations are to gold and silver, as these two hard assets offer safe haven appeal and have a strong track record for price appreciation. Platinum and palladium round out the precious metals group, both of which are more widely used than the previous two metals. With 2012 being a relatively rocky year for commodities, we outline the performances of the four most popular precious metals ETFs. Note that all four funds feature a physical allocation to their respective metals [for more precious metals news subscribe to our free newsletter].

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How To Play Peter Schiff’s “Bullion Collapse” Theory

To investors’ relief, the Fed sent yet another strong signal that it is preparing to take action to boost the nation’s lackluster recovery. According to the minutes released on Wednesday, the central bank has “judged that additional monetary accommodation would likely be warranted fairly soon unless incoming information pointed to a substantial and sustainable strengthening in the pace of the economic recovery.” Although no one is exactly sure what the Fed has in mind, many believe that another major bond-buying program may be right around the corner. And with the elusive QE3 slowly becoming more of a reality than a sheer wish, commodity investors are already debating how exactly the Fed’s actions will affect them [see also Why U.S. Unemployment Figures Are a Complete Lie].

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The One Chart Every Commodity Trader Must See

The past few years have seen the global economy fall on some hard times. At the head of it all has been the U.S., whose fiscal policies and rampant immoralities led to some of the biggest banks in the world bringing down the local economy. In order to keep our heads above water, the Federal Reserve has stepped in on numerous occasions, offering bailouts for hundreds of billions to try and salvage the economy. But the economy has done little to make a solid recovery and instead seems addicted to its regular injections of quantitative easing. As such, the financial situation surrounding the U.S. and our debt policies is beginning to grow concerning [see also Four Commodities To Buy Before Roubini’s “Perfect Storm”].

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Five Must-Read Blogs for Platinum Traders and Investors

Platinum is one of that rarest metals on earth, making it a solid member of the precious metals family. Though it does not get nearly the attention that its counterparts gold and silver receive, platinum is still one of the more popular commodities for investors as well a number of industries. About half of the world’s supply of the shiny metal goes towards emission control devices for automobiles; as a catalyst it allows for the combustion of unburned hydrocarbons from the exhaust into carbon dioxide and water vapor, though it also appears in thermometers and dental tools. For those looking to stay up to date on platinum futures and the commodity’s overall environment, we outline five blogs to help give you a leg up on this hard asset [see also Ultimate Guide To Platinum Investing.

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Seven Platinum Traders Worth Following on Twitter

Trading platinum has become a lucrative opportunity for investors as this precious metal has quickly become one of the most popular assets in the world. With its heavy use in the industrial world as well as its relatively volatile supply chain, platinum makes for an ideal trading instrument (although it can certainly be used as a part of a long-term strategy) for those who can stomach futures exchanges. One of the best ways to stay on top of platinum markets and trends is to utilize Twitter. It may be difficult for some to view Twitter as a viable source for trading info, but there are a number of professionals who aim their tweets at keeping their followers in-the-know. Below, we outline seven must-follow platinum Tweeple to give you the best information for your commodity trades [see also Jim Rogers Says: Buy Commodities Now, Or You’ll Hate Yourself Later].

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How to Trade Platinum Futures

Platinum, one of the more industrious precious metals, has become a popular trading instrument in recent years, as investors have seen the benefits of making a play on this hard asset. Platinum’s uses span from catalytic converters to thermometers and even dental equipment. Given its heavy dependence on an emerging market, South Africa, as far as supply is concerned as well as its massive presence in the industrial world, trading platinum futures has become an ideal play for a number of active investors. Below, we outline the best ways to trade these contracts as well as some helpful tips to help you stay ahead of the platinum curve [see also Ultimate Guide To Platinum Investing].

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Four Little Known Factors Driving the Price of Platinum

Platinum, one of the rarest elements in the world, is among the most popular commodities for investors and traders. As a member of the precious metals family, platinum offers a compelling long-term hold as something of a safe haven, but it also can be used as an effective trading instrument given its high liquidity as well as volatile supply chain. Platinum is generally obtained as a byproduct of nickel and copper mining and annual production is only a fraction of the gold and silver mined, making the metal more coveted and far more rare. Just how rare is platinum? It is estimated that all of the platinum in the world could fit into a cube that is roughly 20 feet on every side. As this hard asset continues to grow in popularity, we take a look at four price drivers that demand attention from traders and investors alike [see also … See the full story here

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