Rough Rice

How to Invest in Rough Rice

Rice is a stable crop for much of the world, as its many uses range beyond just that of nutrition. Rice can be used in medicines, beverages, foods, as well as a number of odd home remedies that consumers swear by. In fact, after corn and wheat, rice is the most widely produced grain in the world. Productions is dominated by Asia, with China and India taking home the top two spots, dwarfing the output of any competing nation. As far as consumption is concerned Asian countries have a clear lead, especially in the emerging markets.

An investment in rice may seem trivial, but given its production and consumption levels in emerging markets, rice can be seen as a growth product. As emerging markets begin to expand and industrialize, demand for this agricultural commodity will only increase, which could lead to higher prices and handsome gains from an investing standpoint.

Ways to Invest in Rough Rice

There is 1 way to invest in Rough Rice: Futures.

What are Rough Rice Futures?

Futures investing for rice is packed full of choices, but the Rough Rice futures offered on the CBOT give investors access to both options and futures contracts. Each contract is quoted in cents per hundredweight (the equivalent of roughly 91 metric tons), with each contract representing 2,000 hundredweights. The futures trade in the months of January, March, May, July, September, and November.

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