How to Invest in Nuclear

Nuclear power has been around for decades, but has come into focus as a potentially important piece of the global energy equation much more recently. This power source involves creating nuclear fission, which produces heat and energy.

Nuclear power is a controversial subject; because it is clean and relatively cheap, some argue that increased adoption would help to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. But there are also concerns about safety, which intensified in the wake of the 2011 earthquake in Japan and resulting nuclear crisis.

Nuclear power is not a traditional commodity, as this term in fact refers to a source of power as opposed to a specific resource. But nuclear power is closely related to global commodity markets, as demand for this fuel source impacts the prices of various energy resources.

Investing directly in nuclear power is not possible, but there are a number of options for gaining exposure. Investors can buy stocks of companies that produce nuclear power or supply raw materials, and there are multiple ETFs dedicated to the nuclear power industry. Investors even have the option of buying uranium futures.

Ways To Invest In Nuclear

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