How to Invest in Antique Guns

Purchases of guns, both commercial and collectibles ones, have been steadily on the rise, even surging in recent years as fears of tightening gun-control laws have intensified. While semiautomatic weapons are quite uncommon across most portfolios, these products have steadily appreciated in value over the years, a feat that few asset classes can brag about. Just like every other commodity, the price of guns is influenced by supply, demand, as well as speculation. Many are anticipating for tighter gun-control and sales laws in the foreseeable future, while some are even preparing for the reinstatement of the federal assault weapons ban. If the 1994-2004 ban comes into effect once again, it will be illegal to manufacture weapons in the banned categories, although weapons already in circulation can continue to exchange hands. Any such restriction would likely spark a drastic increase in the value of certain guns as they essentially become commodities with fairly fixed supply levels.

The collectible firearms market is also steaming with activity. Scared by the volatility in the stock market after the recent crash, a growing number of investors have turned to classic firearms as a means of preserving their capital. For instance, valuations for handcrafted English shotguns have climbed by around 3%-5% per year, making this a rather safe bet by equity market standards. After all, guns are an investment which you can enjoy (responsibly), and thus the potential for capital appreciation makes them all the more attractive.

Ways To Invest In Antique Guns

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