How to Invest in Violins

Violins are among the most classic instruments of all time, as they have been used for hundreds of years. As such, there are a number of violins that have survived from the 18th Century and beyond. In particular, you are looking for Stradivarius violins; these instruments came from the Stradivari family and are widely regarded as the most valuable and precious violins ever made. And what's more? When the wood ages on these instruments, they sound better, making them more coveted as time goes on (depending on the condition of course)

As for the value of one of these instruments, there is a wide range depending heavily on condition and age. These violins can be worth anywhere from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions. In 2011, a 1721 Stradivarius was sold for approximately $15.9 million U.S. dollars; a handsome reward for such a small instrument.

Ways To Invest In Violins

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