How to Invest in Gold

Gold is one of history's most famous and important metals and has been the basis for monetary systems for thousands of years. Although no country today still uses the gold standard, the demand for the product as an alternative to fiat money has picked up in recent years thanks to the impressive stability of the precious metal.

Gold has appeal as an investable asset for several reasons.First, if investors continue to lose faith in the fiat currencies and the U.S. dollar in particular, demand for gold could rise. Gold is also seen as a potential hedge against inflation allowing investors to protect at least part of their portfolio from this phenomenon. If any of this fails to take place, investors can still take solace in the fact that gold is still in heavy demand across the globe for its use in jewelry, a function for the metal that seems unlikely to disappear in the near future.

Investors seeking exposure to gold have a multitude of options. In addition to buying futures contracts on gold or purchasing and holding the physical metal in the form of coins or bars, there are a number of ETF and equity options available as well. Investors can purchase stocks or ETFs of companies that mine the metal or ones that search for new deposits of gold. Lastly, investors also have the option of buying gold ETFs either ones that track the futures for the yellow metal or those that physically hold the product in secure vaults.

Ways To Invest In Gold

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