How to Invest in Titanium

Titanium is a silvery metal that has a massive presence in the industrial world. Titanium is used in products like helicopters, naval ships, armor plating, laptops, heat exchanges, golf clubs, and even body piercings and football helmets. Its wide use makes the metal a necessity for a number of industries and companies alike, making it a prime investment for those looking to make a play on larger macroeconomic trends.

A play on titanium can be thought of as a bet on the growth of the industrial world and also a more indirect play on the consumer discretionary sector, as titanium oxide also appears in household products like toothpaste and art supplies. While the metal can be found all over the world (there are even traces of titanium in the human body), some of the biggest producing nations include Canada, South Africa, and India.

Ways To Invest In Titanium

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