ETFs to Hedge Rising Prices at the Pump

If there is one economic item that unites Americans in frustration, it’s the rising price of gasoline. The fuel for our vehicles has become a necessity for many of us, so price hikes hit hard in the wallet, affecting purchases of other items. So why are gasoline prices on a long-term upward slope? Some Americans point the finger at greedy oil companies, but that is not the answer. Yes, refining margins do play a role in the price of gasoline, but there is one critical factor behind higher gasoline prices: the rising price of crude oil [for more commodity news subscribe to our free newsletter].

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Ultimate Guide To RBOB Gasoline Investing

Gasoline is one of the most widely-known and used commodities worldwide. It is primarily utilized for fuels, but can be also used for various reasons like a solvent to dilute paints. While we refer to the liquid as gasoline here in the states, many other parts of the world know it by the term petrol, or sometimes petrogasoline. From a chemical standpoint, this low-density fuel is very volatile, not only because of its natural makeup, but also because of the numerous additives that can be mixed in. Some of these additives include lead, ethanol, and dye [see also The Guide To The Biggest Companies In Every Major Commodity Sector].

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