The Next Big Industry: Farming Technology

On Wall Street, the agriculture business has long been a popular place for commodity trading. After all, it was with agricultural futures that commodity trading got its start, when farmers originally used futures contracts to offset losses in crop yields. Over the years, the agriculture space has rapidly developed, offering investors various options to cash in on the industry [for more agricultural news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter].

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Be Wary Of Buying DuPont (DD) On This Dip

Despite a few choppy trading sessions last week, the bulls remain in the driver’s seat as made evident by the stock market’s largely uninterrupted ascent. Although price action continues to bolster major equity indexes higher, the economic data front is still mixed; retail sales offered some encouragement last week after beating expectations, while consumer sentiment and industrial production data came in worse-than-expected [for more commodity futures news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter]. Traders wary of the steep rise in equity prices ought to take a closer look at chemical-manufacturer DuPont (DD), as this basic materials bellwether is sending signals of a potential trend reversal, in which case shorting this stock could pay off big once the next profit-taking wave comes around.

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Commodity Stock Plays in the 2012 Dogs of the S&P

Many investors are familiar with a group known as the “Dogs of the Dow”, or the 10 highest yielding stocks at the end of the prior year. Many investors use this strategy to help pick securities for the coming year, as they will not only offer strong dividend yields, but it may also be that their prices have been beaten down. Dividend yields and stock prices have an inverse relationship, meaning that a higher yield could reflect a poor performance from a stock in the prior year. Many feel that the dogs are oversold and the fact that they are still offering high dividend yields means the company is still strong [see also 12 High-Yielding Commodities For 2012].

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The 5 Minute Guide to Nickel ETFs

Nickel has been used for thousands of years, but it was not classified as a chemical element until 1751. With an atomic number of 28, nickel appears as Ni on the periodic table in the wide central block that holds the transition metals, most of which are moderately hard, structurally sound metals. Nickel has catalytic properties and alloys readily, resists oxidation and corrosion, and is ductile, magnetic at room temperature, can be deposited by electroplating, and has a high melting point [for more commodity information and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter].

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Ultimate Guide To Corn Investing

Corn is one of the oldest crops known to man. The Aztecs and Mayans cultivated the grain and helped popularize it as a staple crop in the Americas. Corn continues to be a main source of food for people today, and in fact, it is thought to be the second most cultivated plant in human history behind wheat. The yellow grain holds a fundamental role in the agriculture industry, serving as both a staple crop for humans and a necessary ingredient for livestock feed as well. Increasing populations and developing economies have contributed to an ongoing increase in food demand, thus broadly raising the prices of most agricultural commodities over the past few years. Rising fertility rates in regions like South Asia and Sub-Sahara Africa are contributing to the growing demand for food. While emerging economies, like South America, are contributing to an also rising demand for meat, which further … See the full story here

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