DJCI In Depth: The Five Minute Guide To The Commodity Total Return ETN

There is no argument that the evolution of the ETF industry has democratized an asset class that was once hard-to-reach by the average investor. With roughly 150 options, investors can now gain cheap and easy access to nearly every corner of the commodity universe. And while there are a number of ETFs that offer access to a single commodity, some investors prefer to have broad-based exposure to the entire space. Enter the Dow Jones-UBS Commodity Index Total Return ETN (DJCI), a product from UBS that offers diversified exposure to a basket of 19 different futures contracts. It’s unique weighting methodology combined with its attractively low price tag certainly warrants investors to take a closer look [for more commodity news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter].

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Commodity ETFs: Five Factors To Consider

This article originally appeared on Commodity ETPs can be extremely powerful tools for tapping into an asset class capable of providing both return enhancement and diversification benefits. With dozens of products available–there are more than 120 U.S.-listed commodity ETFs according to the ETF screener–picking the right fund for your investment objectives and risk tolerances can be challenging. Beyond the type of commodity included, there can be several attributes of commodity ETPs that shape the risk/return profile; below, we look at five factors to consider when trying to narrow down the universe and find the right commodity ETF (or ETN):

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