Commodity Earnings on Tap: The Stragglers

Earnings season is just about over, and the Street will soon have to turn its eyes to macro data to decide where markets go from here. Thus far, this batch of earnings has been a mixed bag; though a number of key companies beat estimates, lowered guidance took precedent. It seems that this time around, investors are very focused on how companies are guiding, especially given the Fed’s current taper process [for more commodity news and analysis subscribe to ourĀ free newsletter].

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The Uncertain Future For Coal

It used to be that coal dominated energy consumption around the world, as this fossil fuel was both abundant and relatively cheap to use. But as big oil stepped in, the past few decades have seen dependence on coal cool off. In more recent years, coal has taken an even bigger hit as developed countries have attacked the fuel source for its negative environmental impact. As fracking continues to pick up steam and alternative energy sources enjoy growth, many are left wondering what the future holds for coal [for more coal news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter].

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Top 5 Utility Stocks by Market Cap

Utility investing is often closely linked to commodities. For the most part, utility firms depend on commodities like natural gas and coal to provide electricity to their customers. While they are certainly not a direct play on the commodity world, their close ties make them a unique indirect play. These stocks are often coveted for high dividend yields, providing steady income when rates are frozen at 0.25%. Below, we outline the three biggest utility stocks by market cap to help investors decided if any of them belong in their portfolio [for more utilities news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter].

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