3 ETFs For The Natural Gas Recovery

After a punishing four year run, it looks as though natural gas futures may be ready to cross into the black for 2012. NG had been a very popular short for many investors since 2008, as its price cratered following the recession. Abundant resources and improved technology were among the culprits that turned natural gas into one of the cheapest fossil fuels around. That negative momentum carried through into 2012, but was stopped short as NG was determined to finish the year on a strong note [for more natural gas news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter].

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How to Build an Energy Bull ETF Portfolio

Establishing exposure to the energy sector is by no means for the faint of heart. Positions in this corner of the commodity universe are ripe with risk and are often times associated with high volatility. But for those who can stomach the risk, allocations to energy can certainly pay off as demand continues to grow across developed and emerging markets alike. Investments in this sector can also be used as tactical tool to hedge against inflation, since increases in the price of commodities like oil and gas prices tend to ripple across the economy. For those who wish to establish a tactical tilt towards the energy sector,  we outline an all ETF portfolio that is designed to give well rounded exposure to multiple segments of the energy market [for more energy allocation ideas subscribe to our free newsletter]. 

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Why You Should Sell UNG, Buy FCG

Natural gas prices have taken investors and traders alike on a dismal ride down a slippery slope that few could have predicted. Many are worried that fuel prices won’t recover any time soon given the overarching fundamentals. Developments in the fracking process coupled with uncharacteristically mild weather have translated into weaker than expected demand along with towering stockpiles; two major headwinds for any commodity. Record low natural gas prices may be discouraging even the bravest of investors from speculating in the current environment, however, indirect exposure through the equity market may present itself as an appealing approach for some [see 25 Ways To Invest In Natural Gas].

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The Ultimate Guide To Natural Gas Investing

Natural gas is a gas that consists primarily of methane and is widely used as an energy source around the world. The natural resource is important for the creation of fertilizers, and is now used to power a wide variety of applications including automobiles. Supplies of natural gas are concentrated in a few regions of the world, and the fuel has historically been the source of political disputes in Eastern Europe and the Middle East as well as in the U.S. The place of natural gas in the domestic energy equation has been widely discussed in recent years, with many advocating for increased adoption as an alternative to crude oil products [see also The Guide To The Biggest Companies In Every Major Commodity Sector].

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Three ETFs For NatGas Act 2011

This article originally appeared on ETFdb.com The debate on our nation’s dependence on oil has been a major issue for quite some time now. Crude oil is a finite resource, and one that we will eventually run out of–though estimates of just how long that will take stretch across the board. But as the largest consumers of crude (roughly 7.3 million barrels per day) in the world, and with 51% of our oil coming from foreign nations, the U.S. will eventually be forced to face its addiction to crude head on. From here, many experts and analysts have their own opinions as to which resource would be the most environmentally friendly and cheapest alternative. While alternative sources of power such as wind and solar energy have been in the works for years, these industries face considerably hurdles still before becoming economically viable.

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