Detailing Gold’s Wild Q3

By now, most investors are fully educated on gold’s safe haven abilities as well as its jaw-dropping returns. The past few years have seen the precious metal surge while equities have been anything but stable, drawing plenty of attention to the shiny commodity. First, it was the shattering of the $1,000/oz. barrier that put gold on the map. But it didn’t stop there, as the $1,400, $1,500, and even the $1,900/oz. mark was surpassed for a brief period of time. With gold appreciating rapidly, investors have been following its every move over the last few months, creating a headache for many, as the precious metal had a turbulent third quarter [see also 50 Ways To Invest In Gold].

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50 Ways To Invest In Gold

Gold investing has long been a popular option for investors looking to diversify their holdings. The precious metal is actively traded by a number of individuals and institutions, but is also held by a number of other investors as well. It has become a popular safe haven as there seems to be very few safe options left, especially now that the Swiss franc has been pegged to the euro. A gold allocation can also act as a hedging tool in a portfolio, as the metal’s price typically moves inversely when compared to major equity benchmarks, generally offering nice returns when broad markets are slumping [see also The Ultimate Guide To Gold Investing].

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