Ultimate Guide To Sugar Investing

Sugar has been in production since ancient history. When the crop was first discovered, it was not plentiful, or cheap to grow and harvest, so many populations used honey as a sweetener instead. However, during various agricultural revolutions, and major improvements in farming techniques and technology, sugar became a widely used commodity. As far as food is concerned, the term “sugar” most often refers to sucrose, which comes from sugarcane or sugar beet. Though this sweet crop is most known for giving our food a more enjoyable flavor, it has a wealth of other uses, including lightening skin discoloration, and alternative fuels. Roughly 20% of the total supply of sugar will end up in what is known as the “dump market”, where governments provide subsidies for producers to sell their surplus supplies for a price much lower than the cost of production. Sugar has become a popular buy among investors, … See the full story here

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