Inside China’s Rare Earth Metal Industry

Rare earth metals (also known as “rare earth elements” or “REEs”) are 17 chemical elements in the periodic table. While many of these elements are actually found abundantly in the earth’s crust, their geochemical properties and dispersion make them difficult to extract in the pure forms necessary for use in many critical industries [for more rare earth metal news subscribe to our free newsletter].

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Rare Earths Get Run Over

For commodity investors looking to diversify their holdings, rare earth/strategic metals have presented several potentially lucrative opportunities over the years. As such, many have shifted their assets to this niche segment, causing a tremendous influx of investments from around the globe. But, of course, following the logic of simple economics, the overflow of investments combined with a significant supply gut has put considerable pressure on the players in this once-hot corner of the commodity market [for more rare earth/strategic metal news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter].

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