Commodity Earnings on Tap: Energy All Around (BP, CMI, MRO)

As we enter the latter part of earnings season, investors have already gotten a taste of how the final three months of 2013 fared for the Street. Thus far, it seems that there have been more earnings misses or disappointing guidance given than major wins or rosy outlooks. This week will keep energy firms in the spotlight with a few key European-based firms reporting, as well as one major agribusiness entity [for more commodity news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter]:

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More Charges of Oil Manipulation Plague Major Producers

The commodity world has been plagued by lawsuits and cries of foul play for what seems like decades now. For as long as there have been exchanges for physical commodities, there have been accusations of price manipulation along with some very compelling evidence. From the Hunt Brothers’ silver game to the recently accused Goldman Sachs, market manipulation for hard assets has been a continued theme [for more commodity news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter].

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3 Commodity Stocks To Sell On The Pop: STO, VALE, MON

The bulls have lost their grip over the past trading week as Fed tapering fears have stolen the headlines, opening the doors to volatile trading. The bulls’ sentiment has also changed; the market appears to be reacting bearishly to solid economic data and vice versa, likely because investors are assuming that stronger economic growth readings will perhaps prompt the Fed to more aggressively scale back on bond repurchases [for more commodity futures news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter]. Given the hefty YTD gains still seen across Wall Street, many are hesitant to jump in long, especially ahead of the Fed meeting coming up in September. As such, below we highlight three commodity stocks that may offer an attractive short selling opportunity for those looking to bet against some of the stellar run-ups already seen across Wall Street.

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5 Natural Gas Stock Picks

Although natural gas is everyone’s favorite commodity to hate, its recent tear during this sweltering summer has investors taking yet another look at this volatile fossil fuel. Today’s current low prices combined with technological advancement with fracking and a need to ween ourselves off of crude oil, present an intriguing opportunity for the future of natural gas. For those who have a bullish outlook on natural gas prices and the natural gas industry, we outline five of the natural gas stocks picks [for more natural gas news and analysis subscribe to our free newsletter]

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