Commodity Trading Trends: Wheat Futures Soaring

While most traders have kept their eyes glued to high profile commodities like gold and crude oil, wheat futures have been on an absolute tear. Three different kinds of wheat futures are up more than 10% in the trailing week, with standard wheat futures gaining roughly 18%. The majority of the crop is used in human consumption, ranging from cereal and bread, to pasta and even beer. Unlike corn, wheat is primarily used as food and doesn’t find its way into biofuels or livestock feed nearly as much as its yellow cousin. As a result, wheat is grown primarily to make a high quality flour for baking bread in countries around the world [see also Invest Like Jim Rogers With These Three Agriculture Stocks].

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First Soybeans ETF Debuts: Teucrium Launches SOYB, CANE, WEAT

This article originally appeared on Teucrium, the company behind the first corn ETF and innovative energy commodity products, doubled the size of its product lineup on Monday with the launch of three new single-commodity funds. Two of the new additions to the fast-growing ETF lineup are first-to-market concepts, while a third will offer exposure to a soft commodity already covered by two iPath ETNs. The new Teucrium products are:

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Daily Commodity Roundup: Wheat Gains On Weather Concerns, Crude Oil Tanks On Inventory Report

Today saw most equities take another major hit today, as the government seems no closer to a debt deal than it was yesterday. While markets seemed to be somewhat resilient to the rather urgent situation, today saw them finally break, lead by the NASDAQ which lost a shattering 2.7% on the day. The S&P 500 lost nearly 2% and the Dow dropped just under 200 points to cap off one of the worst trading sessions in recent memory. One brand new company weathered the storm though, as Dunkin’ Donuts’ IPO shot up 40%, leaving their stock as a diamond in the rough for the day. As for commodities, today has gone in the opposite direction of yesterday’s strong gains, as numerous commodities sank amid fears and a major economic crisis and a rebound in the greenback against most major world currencies.

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Daily Commodity Roundup: Wheat Surges On Crop Issues, Cattle Tumbles On Demand Fears

American markets started the day on a high note only to finish the much closer to the breakeven level as traders digested testimony from Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. In his report, the Chairman suggested that another round of stimulative measures wasn’t completely out of the question and that more ‘untested’ methods may be used to bring the economic growth rate back up. Utilities were one of the losers on the day while traders continued to push into the basic materials and services sector as strong prices for natural resources and hopes for more easing carried the riskier sectors higher on the day.

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Daily Commodity Roundup: Wheat Soars While Cotton Sputters

Today saw markets at a standstill after one of the strongest weeks in 2011, with major indexes regaining much of the ground that was lost over the last few months. But just as the celebrating of the Greek austerity package went underway, Moody’s cut its debt rating for Portugal, pushing stocks back lower in Tuesday trading. Commodities, on the other hand, had very strong days led by strength in the metal and energy markets. Oil and gold were two of the big winners with both gaining around 2%, with gold shooting back above the $1,500 per ounce level, which it briefly dipped below at the close of last week. In this shortened holiday week, investors hope to see July start off with the same momentum that June ended with, but continuing worries from the euro-zone may reverse the bullish trend that has been exhibited in the past few trading sessions.

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The Ultimate Guide To Wheat Investing

Wheat is one of the oldest, and arguably the most important crops in the world, primarily responsible for man’s movement to the cities in ancient times. The crop is relatively easy to grow, can flourish in a multitude of environments, and the crop tends to stay fresh for a long time, allowing food to be stored for a long-period. Today, wheat is one of the three most consumed grains in the world, second only to rice in terms of human consumption at just over 680 million tons a year [see also The Guide To The Biggest Companies In Every Major Commodity Sector].

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